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Personal Directions

What are your 4 favorable directions: health, love, prosperity, harmony?

Your 8 Palaces

What areas of the house are best for you?

Place the bed

How to use your favorable directions to place the bed?


Which Kua are compatible with yours (5 elements theory)?

Place the desk

How to use your favorable directions to place the desk?

The bazi

What if we take into account the month, day and time of birth?


Portrait Aude à la déco

As a Feng Shui expert, I am an interior designer specializing in well-being. I help you to create living spaces and work environments conducive to the success of your projects.

After more than 20 years in a large international group, as an expert in finance and information systems, I left my job to create my own company, Aude à la Déco, and launch myself as a Feng Shui expert and interior designer.

My new life mission: to help you make your home, your office, your store, your business, a place not only conducive to your well-being but also to your success.
If you only knew how much Feng Shui and Wellness Decoration can do for you! 

I am trained in several Feng Shui schools, in space design, in color psychology, in home staging… So many tools that allow me to help you solve your health problems, your heartaches, your drop in sales or simply your malaise.
We work together to make your living or working space a place of well-being.
Let me help you make your life more beautiful!

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