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Make your home an inexhaustible source of energy, serenity and prosperity!

My VIP offer to make your home a magnet for miracles!

“Feng Shui is an art of living that can help us create a balanced and harmonious living space. It’s a practice that can help us find balance in our lives and create an environment that reflects our highest aspirations.”

Do you know who this quote is from? It’s from Oprah Winfrey. I really admire the career path of this woman with an exceptional destiny, what she expresses is so true! Feng Shui is adapted to your aspirations. My customers sometimes tell me that Feng Shui is like a personal development tool for them!

Speaking of personal development, if you’re into it like me, you’re probably familiar with Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins.

Here’s what they have to say about this age-old Chinese art that I practice:

“Feng Shui is a simple and effective way of harmonizing the energy of our environment to improve our lives. It’s a practice that can help us to be more at peace with ourselves and the world around us.” – Deepak Chopra, physician, author and meditation specialist.

“Feng Shui reminds us that we are all connected to our environment and that our well-being depends on the balance of energy around us. By creating a harmonious environment, we can improve our health, happiness and success.” – Tony Robbins, coach and mentor.

Steven Spielberg, Johnny Deep, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts and Richard Branson are also Feng Shui enthusiasts. We know that Gwyneth Paltrow also called in an expert to help her renovate her apartment on London’s King’s Road, which even involved moving some doors (known as chi manipulation).

"I recommend Aude who, thanks to her ability to listen, is as close as possible to the evolution project of her living space. Her personalized analysis brought feng shui into line with our aspirations. Perfect!"
Corinne G.
"I called on Aude for my apartment, which is a bit atypical in shape. I'm very happy with all the information and advice given by Aude (on shapes, orientations and colors). Aude is a great listener, sensitive and attentive to meeting the needs of the person. very nice exchange, can't wait to put it into practice and continue the adventure 😉 a big thank you!"
Barbara D.
"Highly competent, she finds solutions for all problems, which no longer exist after her visit! Feng Shui holds no secrets for her. A wonderful encounter."
Florian B.

With Feng Shui, change your life!


  • No more insomnia. You go to bed at night and fall asleep within minutes. Your sleep is now restorative and you wake up each morning well rested.
  • You feel more relaxed. You settle down on your sofa, the direction is favorable since I made sure of it, and you’re much more relaxed than in previous weeks. No more rumination, your mind is at peace.
  • Your creativity is at its peak! When you’re working in your studio or office, you’ve got lots of ideas, and you’ve finally finished that scrapbooking project you started months ago.
  • Your children are serene and focused. When they come home from school, they sit down in the dining room to do their homework. The atmosphere is serene, and they’re no longer reluctant to get down to work.
  • Thanks to this fabulous energy boost, you’re back out walking with your girlfriends. You can’t even remember when you needed to go to the doctor – you feel fit and healthy.

Are these issues part of your daily life?

  • Stress due to mental workload
  • Sleep problems
  • Lack of creativity
  • Procrastination
  • Loss of meaning
  • Relationship problems (love, family, friends)
  • Indecision…
  • Projects that never materialize (changing jobs, buying real estate, becoming a parent…)

There are, of course, ways of reducing stress, freeing up your mental charge, finding meaning in your existence… You can take up meditation or yoga, spend more time in nature, follow a program to change your state of mind, train to acquire new skills, join a discussion group, get closer to people with the same worries…

You may have tried all this, but:

  • your nights are still choppy
  • your children can’t concentrate
  • your projects stagnate
  • you lack energy
  • your financial situation is stressing you out
  • your family relationships are strained
  • you can’t find love
  • you have few friends
  • you find it hard to be positive
  • serenity is not part of your life
  • you’re searching for meaning…

Did you know that the energies present in your environment have a real impact on your level of serenity?

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Traditional Feng Shui is a set of methods and techniques for arranging a space in such a way as to harmonize energy flows. It has been around since 4000 BC!
In Chinese metaphysics, we are all connected to each other and to the place in which we find ourselves. Chi (or Qi or Ki), the same vital energy, circulates around and within us. In the same way as acupuncture stimulates human Chi through the meridians, Feng Shui frees the Chi of the home through precise layout and the use of appropriate materials and colors.

It is entirely possible to adopt true feng shui in your home, while respecting current decorating trends. I can help you do just that, thanks to my skills as a feng shui expert and interior designer.

3 months to transform your home into a magnet for miracles!

As you can see, Feng Shui is much more than minimalist decor and a new bed layout. It’s a real tool that enables you to improve all aspects of your life in a single process.

Thanks to the new vibrations emitted by your home, you’ll feel supported and supported by this new life companion. You regain energy, serenity and meaning in your life. Your relationships, your health and your finances are all boosted.

Once you’ve received my report, I’ll be with you for 3 months, so you can calmly make the necessary adjustments.

I can even complement this expertise with a full interior design service: mood boards, 3D views, shopping lists… Your Feng Shui will be turnkey!

Here’s an example of an expertise report for a two-storey house in the Paris region (in French).

Are you on a quest for well-being? I can help you transform your home into a true companion for life.

I’m Aude Charreau, an expert in traditional feng shui. Like a home acupuncturist, I’ll identify your home’s energy meridians so you can access the full power of the positive energies surrounding you.

Think of these energies as a WIFI network. It’s there, it exists, but you don’t have the code to access it. Thanks to my feng shui expertise, it’s as if I provide you with the code, and you can connect to the network of good waves. The vital force of Chi can finally bring you all its benefits.

What do my customers say?

  • “I called on Aude for my house, in which I set up my professional practice. I didn’t dare to decorate for fear of having a negative influence. Aude is a human being, very attentive and benevolent, she appraised my house according to the principles of Feng shui. Her report is packed with information, yet clear and accessible to the uninitiated. The advice and recommendations are quick and easy to implement, while others may require more time. After the appraisal, she remains available to answer my questions in my choices of furniture or colors.” – Krystell H.
  • “We had our new house completely renovated before moving in. The work took several months and we lived over 500 km away at the time. I’m very grateful to Aude who, thanks to her 3D views and attentive listening, was able to help me project myself into my future home. And today, we live in the house and are delighted to have followed Aude’s good advice! And I know how to explain to people who come to our house (we’re a guest house) why we chose the colors :)”- Anne-Sophie J.
  • “I’m in the process of building my house and called on Aude for advice on decoration and choice of materials/ I like different styles and mixed together it’s not necessarily pretty.
    Aude gave me invaluable advice, we worked remotely, I was really involved in the request, Aude really accompanied me well, I found it complicated to take directions, I called Aude when I had doubts, she gave me very good guidance and reassured me. She suggested colors and materials, took into account what I like and allowed me to really know what was important to me and to make quick decisions about future layouts. Aude really made my life easier and enabled me to buy what was ideal and essential for me and avoid spending too much time on my choices.” – Hélène D.

There are 3 key stages to my coaching:

Questioning & Decoding

You entrust me with your current problems, your objectives, your aspirations, so that the feng shui expertise is personalized and adapted to your needs.

Analysis & Recommendations

Armed with the plans and orientation of your home, I carry out a complete assessment of the site, using a combination of schools (form, compass, flying stars, etc.).

Explaining & Supporting

I'll explain my recommendations in detail and help you implement them over a 3-month period: layout, furnishings, colors and materials.

But in practical terms, what does it mean?

Don’t you love Chinese grigris, pagodas, toads, red coin ribbons and golden dragons?
Neither do I!

Yes, it’s possible to apply and follow feng shui principles without chinoiseries and “bizarre” decor. If you do, no one will notice that you’ve called in a feng shui expert, just an interior decorator 😉

The expert’s report tells you in concrete terms how to harmonize the energies of the space.

This can translates into :

  • a different furniture layout
  • personalized orientation of desks and beds
  • a distribution of spaces and rooms adapted to different activities
  • a choice of colors and materials for each room
  • decorative objects with strong symbolic value (paintings, lamps, works of art).

Raising the vibratory frequency of your home will enable you to rediscover :

  • meaning
  • serenity
  • motivation
  • a calmer family life
  • greater clarity of mind
  • greater vitality
  • a better economic situation
  • inspiring projects
  • more social relationships
  • greater creativity
  • more fluidity in your actions
  • more joy…

With my support, your home will breathe again.
The energy leaks responsible for your stress, sleep problems, conflicting relationships… will be plugged.

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Sense & Serenity is for you if...

You’re sensitive to the quality of living spaces.
You’re looking to optimize the layout of your home to improve the health, relationships, finances and peace of mind of everyone who lives there.
You want to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere for yourself and your visitors.
You’re moving into a new home and still have a lot to do in terms of layout and decoration.
You’re building a new home.

Sense & Serenity is not for you if...

You’re not interested in improving your environment.
You don’t care about harmony or energetic balance.
You disagree with the principles of the Tao (existence of the vital breath, balance of yin and yang, cycles of the 5 Chinese elements).
You don’t believe in the vibratory frequency emitted by colors.
You’re looking for miraculous solutions to your problems (Feng Shui requires behavioral modification and commitment to create lasting, meaningful change).

Ready to rediscover meaning and serenity in your home?

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