Here are some examples of complete projects, combining the two services of Feng Shui expertise and interior design.

A master bedroom

Problem: the lady of the house has insomnia.

Here is the configuration of the room before the Feng Shui expertise: the bed faces the door, a bookcase faces the bed, a standing mirror is on the right of the window, in the northern area. 
Decoration: wooden floor, walls painted beige, orange and brown bed linen.

Madam has a Kua 7 (West group)
Mr has a Kua 3 (East group)

Expertise Feng Shui chambre parentale - Aude à la déco

Extract from part of the analysis:

The school of form shows an absence of a turtle. A headboard should be added to provide a little more support.
The two members of the couple do not belong to the same group. This configuration requires a compromise since they have no favourable orientation in common. Here, the orientation for the lady is favoured (North East, Yan Nan star, longevity and romantic relationship) and the area for the gentleman (North, Tian Yi star, good health and harmonious relationship). The orientation of the bed must therefore be changed. The bookcase is removed and a large black wardrobe is placed on this wall. The mirror is removed.
The majority of the walls in the room are in the North (water) and North West (metal) zones; they can therefore be painted grey (metal feeds water). The bed linen should be black (water). In the North West zone, you can bring in a little yellow (earth) as it feeds/produces the metal.
This new decoration/configuration has solved Mrs.’s sleeping problems.

chambre feng chui - Aude à la déco
Chambre parentale vue lit - Aude à la déco
chambre parentale armoires - Aude à la déco

A shower room

Problem: a shower room of about 5 m² with lost space. I wanted to place a double washbasin and create niches in the shower.

Simple vasque vue de l'existant - Aude à la déco
plan Feng Shui salle d'eau avant - Aude à la déco
paroi de douche vue de l'existant - Aude à la déco

The Feng Shui expertise shows that the shower room is cut in a balanced way by two zones: the East (wood element) and the North East (earth element).
In terms of layout, we can see that it is possible to fit a double washbasin unit (120 cm wide). The space behind the door can also be used to enlarge the shower tray. For a more harmonious flow of traffic, it is a good idea to install a sliding door. Finally, to completely optimise the surface, a custom-made storage structure can be created.

The room has been modelled in 3D to make these changes easier to visualise.

projet 3D salle d'eau vue vasques - Aude à la déco
projet 3D salle d'eau vue de dessus - Aude à la déco
projet 3D salle d'eau vue douche - Aude à la déco

The final result is in line with the projections, with a beautiful imitation parquet floor that adorns both the floor and the walls on the east side, and stone-like earthenware for the north-east side. Black (the element of water) forms the link between the two spaces.

vue étagères après - Aude à la déco
vue double vasque après - Aude à la déco
vue douche après - Aude à la déco

A girl's bedroom

Problem: the young girl has slight health problems, and has a poor sleep.

The Feng Shui expertise shows that the bed is not well placed: ideally, it should be on the opposite side, instead of the desk, to receive the energy of the North West, the health orientation of the girl whose Kua number is 8.

This was the first thing that was done, even before starting any painting work. 

lit avec étagères - Aude à la déco
bureau avec guirlande lumières - Aude à la déco

The configuration with multiple shelves above the head is not conducive to either sleep or concentration. They have all been removed. In order not to suffer from this lack of storage, a cupboard was added to the left of the desk.
A headboard was also added.

In terms of decoration, the walls were taupe grey and parma. As the room is mainly in the southern area, the walls were repainted in old pink (Fire) and mocha (Wood).

déco bureau final - Aude à la déco
déco chambre finale - Aude à la déco
coin porte chambre - Aude à la déco
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