You don't need a complete Feng Shui expertise? Just for one room? Just to validate a plan? Just to sell your property?
That's what the Feng Shui Audit is for !
Just for one room!

Need my advice to design a room?

You don’t want to commit to a complete Feng Shui expertise process (including the whole house), but you do want to renovate or decorate a room in your home with a focus on well-being.

Just a house plan!

Need my advice on validating a plan?

You’re having a house built and would like my opinion and advice on the furnishing of the rooms and the future layout.

Just for selling!

Need my advice to sell your property?

Market price, good location, impeccable condition… and yet it’s stuck! Viewings are going nowhere, as if the property didn’t want to be sold? Feng Shui can help!

Traditional Feng Shui for your projects 490€TTC

Information gathering

You can e-mail me a plan of your home, the address, a few photos or videos, the orientation and any other information you feel I should know about your problem.


I study the documents, place the Bagua on the plan, calculate the House Gua and Ming Gua and list my recommendations
This does not include taking flying stars into account.


During an interview lasting around 1.5 hours, I will give you the results of my analysis. .
Oral restitution (note-taking is your responsibility).

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)
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