Kua Number Calculator (Ming Gua)

When the Feng Shui expert asks for the date of birth of all the inhabitants of the house, it is not to make birthday presents 😉 It is to calculate their Kua Number, their Ming Gua. Knowing this number helps to determine which element the individual is in, and which sectors and orientations are most favorable in the house. This information can be used to orient beds and desks in the best possible way.

Indeed, when we face our personal directions, we capture the best possible energies: those to be concentrated and creative, those to sleep well, those to relax more effectively … There are only benefits!

So, do you want to know your Kua Number?
Enter your gender and date of birth in the calculator below.

What are you? Are you wood, metal, fire, water or earth? More yin or more yang? If you’d like to better understand how to tap into the favorable directions given in the chart above, I offer you a lovingly prepared ebook that will explain it all ☺️.

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)
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