Feng Shui Expertise

Here’s how I work for remote surveys: you send me the floor plan of your home (for each level/floor), and I give you an estimate based on the number of rooms, surface areas and number of inhabitants. We can also exchange information by telephone or videoconference.

After acceptance of the estimate and payment of a 50% deposit, I explain how to carry out the orientation (which I verify on my side via Google Earth) and you also send me the completed questionnaires (these are questions about your life aspirations so that the feng shui implementation is consistent with your values and objectives).
The date of construction of the house and the date of birth of the inhabitants will also be required.

Once all the information has been gathered (floor plan, orientation, dates and questionnaires), I carry out a complete appraisal of your home (form school, compass school, flying stars, Ming Gua…). For the flying stars, I deploy both the natal energy diagram of the house, and the 2024 annual stars.

The expertise file is then sent by email in pdf format within about 3 weeks.
This analysis is completed with recommendations for decoration which will allow you, if you wish, to be autonomous for the continuation. My price includes a 3 months accompaniment with a regular phone support if needed.

Price: on estimate, according to the number of rooms, the number of inhabitants and the elements provided.

Consult me for any professional or commercial space.

For more details on my Feng Shui practice, please read the Feng Shui Expertise page.

orientations cardinales pour le Feng Shui - Aude à la déco

Feng Shui Workshop

Are you curious and want to understand a little more about Feng Shui?
You want to learn about Feng Shui by discovering all the basics first?
I propose workshops which will allow you to approach the key points, to illustrate them with many examples and, thus, to allow you to apply at home, in all autonomy, the first arrangements.

The workshop can take place face-to-face (at your home, at my home, in an association, in a park, etc.) or remotely (via zoom, skype, etc.). It lasts 2h30.
The ideal is to book with friends and thus form a group, on a date that suits you! 

Price: 49€ per participant
With a minimum of 4 people

Bazi Analysis

A first level Bazi analysis allows to determine the fundamentals of the 4 Pillars of Destiny: celestial trunks, earthly branches, ruler of the day, favourable elements, etc. It does not constitute a complete Bazi chart (with combinations, clashes, etc). It is necessary to provide the date of birth, the time of birth and the place of birth.

It allows us to divert the main tendencies of the personality. The determination of the favourable elements also allows, for entrepreneurs, to define an appropriate graphic charter (shape, colours…) for the logo, the website, etc.

Price: 390€ per person

Feng Shui Audit

You e-mail me the floor plan of your home, a few photos or videos, the orientation and any other information you feel is relevant to your problem. I’ll carry out an analysis on my side.

Then, during an interview lasting around 1h30, I’ll tell you what needs to be changed so that the chi flows better and the yin-yang principle is respected. Depending on your current problems, I’ll also look at whether the area in question poses a problem (particularly in terms of colors and materials).

Following this interview (by video), if the need arises in relation to the conclusions of the audit, I can propose an estimate for a complete Feng Shui Expertise.

Price: 490€ incl. VAT for the pre-interview study and the 1h30 interview.

Conference and Workshop

I offer conferences or workshops on Feng Shui or colour psychology.

These interventions are mainly intended for

  • Companies
  • Works councils
  • Decoration shops
  • Associations
  • Professional groups

The workshops are based on theoretical elements – for a better understanding of the topic, complemented by practical exercises – to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

In order to encourage active practice during the workshops, the number of participants is limited to 10.
I provide face-to-face training, at the location of your choice or remotely (Zoom, Teams, Webex, …).
The duration and content of the intervention are adapted to your request. We agree together on the definition of the theme and the objectives of the workshops and conferences.

Here is a list of themes, as an example:

  • The fundamental principles of Feng Shui
  • Yin and yang – The 5 Chinese elements
  • The bagua and the 8 trigrams
  • Your Kua number and its characteristics
  • Feng Shui and health
  • Feng Shui and relationships
  • The right tonal harmony for you
  • The visualization board
  • Creating a mood board

It is also possible to combine several themes in one session.
Price: on quote, please consult me

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information request or for a quote.

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)
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