You’ve removed your make-up, brushed your teeth and put on your nightie. You’ve even put in your earplugs in case a dump truck drives by. You turn off the light, close your eyes…
You open your eyes to see what time it is. Morpheus doesn’t want you, you turn around and go back to bed without any sleep.
You almost cry… You get up in less than 3 hours and all you’ve done is count sheep… Your attempts at cardiac coherence or meditation have not worked…

Do you know this story? Is it yours? Your mum’s? Your best friend’s?
It was mine until Feng Shui came into my life…

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Portrait Aude à la déco

My name is Aude, I’m married, I have two children and Feng Shui has changed my life. Literally.

Insomniac for over 10 years, I now sleep like a baby
I left my executive job to make Feng Shui my new profession
I have always been very sensitive to the energies of a place.
Have you ever entered a place and felt a sense of discomfort, with a furious and unexplained desire to come out into the daylight?
Or to feel so good somewhere that you could have stayed there for hours?
You know what I mean… In 2017, I had the opportunity to be trained by a Feng Shui expert, I didn’t hesitate.

After a 5-year degree in Finance, I worked for over 20 years in a large international group. I started my career as a management controller and I loved my job. Then I became a business analyst, then a demand manager, then a process expert… In the end, I was no longer happy. Although I had great colleagues, an improbable commute time in the Paris region (15 minutes on foot!) and a job that was great for my CV, it was impossible for me to stay. I wanted to give my life a new meaning, to get up every morning with the crazy desire to go to work, in short, to have a dream job!

I left my job, and after a reclassification leave, I created my company, Aude à la Déco, to launch myself as a Feng Shui expert and interior decorator specialised in well-being.
My new life mission: to help you make your home, your office, your shop, your business, a place not only conducive to your well-being but also to your success. If you only knew how much Feng Shui and Wellness Design can do for you!
I mentioned my insomnia problems, but getting a better sleep is just one of the benefits that this ancient Chinese art can bring you. For more information, please read the different articles I propose on the blog.

I am trained in several schools of Feng Shui, space design, colour psychology, home staging… So many tools that allow me to help you solve your health problems, your heartaches, your drop in sales or simply your malaise. It’s not magic, whether it’s Feng Shui or Wellness Decoration, changing the colour of the living room walls or moving the mirror is not enough. We work together to make your living or working space a place of well-being.
Let me help you make your life more beautiful!

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)
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