Feng Shui 2024: period 9 is coming!

The transition to the Feng Shui 9 period is an important event, marking a change in the energies that guide our lives and our spaces. And that’s very exciting for a Feng Shui expert like me!

2024 will bring a huge shift in energy to every home, office and building around the world. In Feng Shui, there are 9 periods, each lasting 20 years in a 180-year cycle:

Period 1: 4 February 1864 – 3 February 1884
Period 2: 4 February 1884 – 3 February 1904
Period 3: 4 February 1904 – 3 February 1924
Period 4: 4 February 1924 – 3 February 1944
Period 5: 4 February 1944 – 3 February 1964
Period 6: 4 February 1964 – 3 February 1984
Period 7: 4 February 1984 – 3 February 2004
Period 8: 4 February 2004 – 3 February 2024
Period 9: 4 February 2024 – 3 February 2044
Period 1: 4 February 2044 – 3 February 2064

This continuous cycle reflects the cyclical nature of time and energy for the Chinese. In their metaphysics, an end is always a new beginning. A little bit like in numerology when 9 is the end of the cycle and 1 a new start.

What if period 9 had begun before 2024?

I started this article by explaining all about Feng Shui periods and telling you that P9 would begin in 2024… so why come back to it? Well, because I’m a Feng Shui expert who’s constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest research on my favourite subject (thanks to my good level of English), so I couldn’t ignore the debate that’s shaking up the experts.

The main argument is that Feng Shui Period 9 does not begin in 2024, because it has already begun in 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn formed a grand conjunction.

In fact, conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn occur every 18.8 to 20.6 years. If we take the exact periods into account, we get an average interval of 19.86 years between two successive conjunctions, which is why the Feng Shui periods are 20 years.

It turns out that Jupiter and Saturn were perfectly aligned on 21/12/2020, as required for the start of a new period according to the Chinese classics. My master, Joey Yap, explains that this is indeed when the celestial period began (the vibrating Chi of Heaven). But remember the cosmic trinity (Earth-Man-Heaven): Feng Shui is based on a space-time system. For Feng Shui, the Chi of the Earth takes longer to move, and the change of period will take place in 2024.

In practice, I use the energy diagrams corresponding to the current period, but I analyse the stars as if P9 were already there. It’s too technical for me to tell you more, I’m already afraid I’ve lost you 😉

9 associated with the Li trigram

Each period is governed by one of the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua, with the exception of period 5, which is associated with the centre of the LoShu square and represents the Earth.

The characteristics of the trigrams are fundamental to understanding the cycles and energetic changes during the different Feng Shui periods. Each period offers unique opportunities and challenges, guiding us to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing energies around us.

Period 9 belongs to the Li trigram and, during this period, we can expect much prosperity and progress for women, especially for the middle daughter of a family or “middle-aged women”, of which I am one 😉….

Period 9 is mainly associated with the element Fire, symbolising transformation, passion and enlightenment. It is also associated with dynamism, ambition and creativity.

We live in a time of rapid change and intense energy, offering opportunities for growth and progress.

The Feng Shui 9 period is also strongly associated with reputation and recognition, making it a potentially fruitful time for those in the public eye or seeking to advance their careers.

Earth gives way to Fire

When we enter period 9 in 2024, property investments won’t be as favourable because we’ll be leaving an earth element (8) and entering a fire period.

Period 8 is represented by the trigram Gen of the earth element. Associated with mountains and young men, this period reflected an unusual rise of young male entrepreneurs to stardom. Businesses associated with teenagers and young adults were also more successful.

With the strong presence of the element Earth, it’s not surprising that land and property prices have risen like never before around the world. In fact, those working in construction and real estate have been very successful in the current period!

Of course, this is just one aspect of how understanding fengshui can generate good opportunities.

Fire industries include the Internet, information technology, artificial intelligence (AI), solar energy, content marketing, etc.

Any business not associated with the fire industry can still succeed if it implements fire elements, such as anything to do with digitisation.

One argument in favour of P9’s influence starting in 2020 is that we have already started to see many new advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. And it’s not just about technological advances, we’re also seeing that global female energy is probably at an all-time high right now. Yiha!

The element of fire is generally seen as a symbol of love, desire, anger, strength, confidence, light and energy, but you have to be careful not to get burnt or hurt. Fire is much more unstable than earth. In short, it’s liable to shake things up!

What impact will P9 have on my home?

The feng shui quality of all houses will change. There is no such thing as a house that is stuck in a certain period and is able to draw on the good “Chi” for ever until the end of time.

Houses that had favourable energies in period 8 may not retain them in period 9, and vice versa. Our houses will begin to have a different effect on us, and we should feel things… but not immediately! 20 years is a long time, and the energies are settling down nicely. In Chinese metaphysics, Chi unfolds in place, so these changes will take time to take effect in a concrete and tangible way.

I’m already being asked what the best house orientation is for period 9, but I can’t give a general answer, “all things being equal”, because landscape analysis also has an impact. What’s more, reading the energy diagrams for houses is going to change: the points of attention are no longer the same, so you have to adapt. That’s why I find this change of period so fascinating and exciting, and I’m really glad I’m here to experience it 😉

My advice: get in touch with an expert who knows how to analyse flying stars (like me!), and ask them how period 9 impacts the energies in your home. You may be in for a nice surprise!

And above all, don’t try to move house or build a new house in an attempt to “change the period” without knowing the potential of your current home. In fact, some P9 diagrams force you to make a choice: relationships and health on the one hand, prosperity on the other… so they’re not necessarily beneficial.

Next week, I’ll be talking to you in detail about what’s in store for 2024, the Year of the Wooden Dragon.

Feng Shui periode 9
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