Home staging: real estate valuation

The term “home staging” is not always used correctly. It is not about low-cost decoration, but about fitting out and enhancing a property with a view to selling or renting it. 

The aim is to prepare a property so that it appeals to as many people as possible, so that visitors can easily imagine themselves in it, in short, so that the property sells (or rents) quickly and well. 

A very common technique in the United States, England and the Nordic countries, Home Staging has been slow to arrive in France. It is, thanks in particular to a famous TV show, increasingly well known. There are few statistics for the French market, the latest having been provided by the company Aveo, but they are encouraging:

The average time to put a property up for sale is 130 days without Home Staging and 35 days with
the rate of negotiation of the sale price is 8.7% without Home Staging and 3.16% with
A property that has been home staged sells more quickly because it stands out from other properties and generates more love at first sight. Moreover, buyers are less likely to negotiate the price. We will not sell the property for more money thanks to home staging, but we will be able to aim for the high end of the market price.  Home staging is an investment that pays off! 

home staging - Aude à la déco

Home staging: putting the property in the best light

Some techniques are common sense: when you show your flat, you clean, air and tidy up. But this is not always enough…

When you live there, you have an emotional relationship with the place, you can’t be really objective. So there are small defects that you don’t see or no longer see, fixtures that you have never questioned and that have nothing logical about them, a decoration that you love but whose aesthetic sense is very personal to you…

The home stager is there to help the owner of the property to change his perspective, to look at his property with brand new eyes, in short, to take a step back. It usually takes outside help to depersonalise a home. Here we leave the world of decoration behind, as we seek to transform the place into a “model” home. The aim of the new fittings is to make the space practical, uncluttered, harmonised and neutral. We use the existing space as much as possible, even if minor work is sometimes necessary (repainting a wall, repairing a door, re-pasting wallpaper, etc.).

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