The Applications of Feng Shui

Harmony restored through feng shui

Did you know that the environment can play a real role in how you feel, how you recharge your batteries, how you live your life? And what better way to harmonise the energy around you than to turn to feng shui? There are many applications of feng shui. You may just need to get a compass, understand how to balance yin and yang, arrange your furniture to encourage the flow of energy… to feel completely at peace.
The different applications of feng shui allow you to apply ancestral techniques (school of form, school of the flying stars, school of the compass…) to make your living space a place of plenitude.

Feng shui at home

Applying feng shui at home requires a little practice. Like any art, it calls upon principles that you will have to tame. For example, do you know what the 5 Chinese elements mean? Can you put water in every room of the house? Should wood or metal be used in the bathroom?
Putting the Pakua on the detailed plan of the house allows to sectorize the house and thus to find the ultimate guide for the choice of colours and materials. Each room can thus be harmonised: a luminous entrance that will welcome chi, a kitchen arranged in such a way as to favour the health of all, a living room whose layout will be conducive to exchanges and family harmony, a bathroom that will help you recharge your batteries…

Feng shui can be applied in any type of habitat: house, flat, or even a room to rent! The rule remains the same: you determine which space is yours and you apply the pakua, even if the surface is very small. The sectorisation remains valid even if indeed, managing 8 different zones in a studio is more challenging!

Feng shui in workplaces

The applications of feng shui are not limited to the home. It is entirely possible to follow the principles and traditional methodology in business premises. In Malaysia or Hong Kong, you won’t find a property developer who would risk building a bank’s headquarters or a multinational’s offices without calling in a feng shui expert! Of course, the rules imposed to harmonise can be restrictive in terms of decorative choices or layout… but the benefits are far worth the inconvenience: increased turnover, better productivity, increased creativity, less absenteeism…

By applying feng shui in the company (whether it is an open space, the offices of a SME, a shop, a business…), we welcome the Chi as we would like each client, supplier, partner to be welcomed!

The company is a legal entity, whose physical person is notably its manager. Therefore, the ideal will always be to try not to limit the applications of feng shui to the professional premises only… It is judicious to complete the study by harmonizing the energies of the home of the person who carries the company.

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