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I have a dream… Mine would be for all French companies to do as they did in Hong Kong: that they wouldn’t even think of choosing a place for their head office, or fitting out their business premises without having called on a Feng Shui expert… 
Working on a business space (SME, co-working space, shops, businesses…) in Feng Shui not only allows to create a place conducive to reflection, creativity, productivity… but also to put all the chances on one’s side to develop one’s turnover and to have harmonious relationships with suppliers and customers.
In a previous article, I had already mentioned the possibility of creating a Feng Shui logo for one’s company. Let’s take a look at how business premises are managed today.

The location

I’m not going to give you the Stéphane Plazza speech, but it’s clear that location is key when setting up a business or a business premises. There are criteria that the real estate agent and the feng shui expert will have in common:

The configuration of the street (prefer a busy street, with vibrant energy, rather than an alley or a dead end)
the neighbourhood (how much energy is given off by the surrounding businesses)
the shop window: the business should be as visible as possible, not hidden by poles, overgrown trees, a large billboard…)
And there are elements that only a Feng Shui expert will look at: everything that comes under the school of form.
Remember, to have support, one must find the “black turtle”, that is to say a higher building behind the premises; while in front, one must ideally have a clear space, it is the “red phoenix”. On the left and right, the presence of the “dragon” and the “tiger” should also be checked.
Finally, still with regard to the location, the expert will check that there is no shar chi facing the shop or business (imagine yourself facing a Bank of China style building!)

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Welcoming the Chi

In a business premises, the Chi must be welcomed in the same way as customers are welcomed! As we have seen, the shop window must be visible, but it must also be attractive, and the entrance door must be of a coherent size (too large and prosperity can escape; too small and it has difficulty entering).
We should also avoid putting a mirror in front of the front door, as this would be like saying hello and goodbye to the energy.
The circulation inside the space should be studied so that it is as fluid as possible, whether it is the circulation of customers in a shop, or that of employees in the premises of an SME. 
The Chi must flow freely but also gently: we don’t want it to be too violent, as is the case, for example, for someone entering the last office facing a long corridor. Carpeting or green plants are a good way, in this case, to slow down the Chi so that it circulates more gently. The layout of the furniture should also be carefully thought out.

Caring for the Chi

We managed to get the Chi in and it is favourable because we took care of it thanks to the landscape school. But now that it has entered, we want to pamper it!
As in all houses, we aerate in the morning and evening to renew the air and give it back its dynamics.
We clean up and tidy up: no archive boxes at the foot of the desks, no wobbly piles of paper next to the photocopier, no calendar for 2012 still pinned to the wall…
Why not place air fresheners at regular intervals? Fresh, sweet-smelling air is a sheng chi that should not be denied.
It is very difficult to remove all electromagnetic waves, but we try to limit them as much as possible. We also use plants that clean up the air (and not fake green plants!).

Each and everything in its place

In a business, the Feng Shui expert will be able to determine the most appropriate place to put the cash register. In an SME, each department (accounting, sales, marketing…) will also be given a place, the most judicious one according to the expertise. Indeed, it is possible to “classify” each activity according to one of the 5 Chinese elements.
Moreover, thanks to the energy diagram defined with the school of flying stars, we can activate the water and mountain stars to heal/improve prosperity, the health of the company and professional relationships.
If the company does not practice flex office and assigns a personal office to each person, then it is interesting to calculate the Kua number of all these people (starting with the boss) to assign the offices according to the favourable orientations of each one. Of course, we will also pay attention to the layout of the desks themselves so that they do not leave anyone with their back to the door, in a corner or in a draught.

The decoration of the business premises

The choice of colours, shapes and materials will be made according to the compass school. Once the premises, the business, the head office has been sectorised (according to the cardinal orientation), we will know how to nourish and harmonise the energies of the different zones.
Do we need metal, wood, water, fire or earth?
Natural materials will be our friends (they are yin) to compensate for the powerful yang effect of all the surrounding metal (computers, printers, networks).
We can also choose paintings or other decorative objects (statues, vases, works of art, etc.) that contain a symbolism linked to the company’s objectives, values and mission.
All these arrangements will be made in respect of the yin and yang balance. We can even create yin spaces (rest rooms, confidentiality bubbles) and yang spaces (co-creation spaces, meeting rooms) to manage the energy of the place in coherence with the activity that takes place there.

Professional and personal life

Finally, a company is carried by its leader. In order to do things right until the end, it would be wise to carry out a Feng Shui expertise at the boss’ home. Yes, what about the Career Zone, the Reputation Zone, the Money Zone or the Luck Zone of his home? It would be a pity to harmonise the head office or the shop and let the house of the boss undermine the good energy acquired.
A Bazi analysis of the precise date of birth will also allow you to determine your favourable elements but also your periods of luck: this can be very useful in selecting the dates which will give the various projects the impetus for success.

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