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Since the beginning of the month, I’ve been explaining why the arrival of the new year 2024 is a major event in the Chinese calendar. The arrival of period 9 will profoundly modify the energy of the home, and of any living or working space. The space-time cycle influences feng shui because the effects of time will be decoded differently in 2024, the year of the Wooden Dragon, and for the next 20 years (I remind you that time cycles are made up of 20-year periods in Chinese metaphysics).

Having given you some predictions based on your Chinese astrological sign and your ruler of the day (according to the Bazi), let’s now unveil how the annual energies will influence the rooms in your home. Beyond the fundamental principles, and the yin or yang elements contained in the current year, Chi has a flying influence that depends on the energy flows that will land in your home until 2025. Thus, the flying stars of the year bring new energy to the place, which it’s worth exploiting for greater prosperity and well-being.

The importance of flying stars in feng shui

The Flying Stars, at the heart of Feng Shui, are energies in perpetual motion, influencing the energetic atmosphere of our spaces. Each of these stars represents a specific force, and will manage different crucial aspects of our lives such as wealth, relationships, health, luck…

Every house, apartment and building has a unique energy map where these stars have taken their place during construction or when you move in. These are the home’s natal flying stars.

In addition to these stars, which remain identical throughout your installation, there are annual stars, which change every year at the beginning of February. Their annual arrangement creates a unique energy map, superimposed on the previous one, which will determine which areas of our homes or offices will be particularly favorable or will require special attention during the year.

In order to create a harmonious environment conducive to well-being, it’s essential to immerse yourself in understanding these annual influences. Imagine your space as a vibrant canvas, where every adjustment, no matter how subtle, can have a significant impact on your daily life. These energies in motion have a powerful impact on your whole life. Don’t underestimate the transformative potential of your environment! I often tell you that feng shui is a mille-feuilles, so let’s discover together today how to adjust the annual energies, which can be your first step towards a balanced and flourishing life.

Once you know where the stars are and their characteristics, you can either activate them or plan remedies (water, crystal, salt cure, candle…) to bring health, wealth and love into your life.

The 2024 flying stars

Here is the position of the flying stars in 2024:

What are the unfavorable stars and how can they be remedied?

Star 2 (earth) in the southeast (wood)

The element of the sector exhausts the element of the star, which is a good thing.

Avoid FIRE elements (red objects, lamps, candles…)
Avoid moving and/or mechanical objects (fountains, aquariums, clocks, etc.) to avoid making noise.
metal controls the earth, so it’s a “remedy” that weakens the energy of 2
Wood destroys the earth, so green plants can also be used.
This is the star of illness, so you can place any symbol of longevity (preferably metal).

Star 3 (wood) in the center (earth)

The star is enclosed in the central palace, so this controls it.

The element of the sector is neutral to the element of the star.

This is the star of discord and disputes. Use the FIRE element as a remedy (red objects, lamps, candles, etc.).

Avoid the elements water and wood (not too many green plants).

Star 5 (earth) to the West (metal)

The element of the sector controls the element of the star, which is a good thing.

But Star 5 is powerful (bad luck star), so :

Avoid the elements FIRE and EARTH
Avoid moving and/or mechanical objects
METAL remedy (especially salt cure)

Star 7 (metal) in the South (fire)

The element of the sector weakens the element of the star, which is a good thing.

Remove all Earth and Metal elements from this area.
Remedy WATER and WOOD (e.g. a large vase with bamboo stalks).

Star of malevolence and danger (volatile emotions, disputes, theft, injuries).

Which stars are favorable and how do you activate them?

Star 1 (water) to the east (wood)

The element of the sector controls the element of the star. You must help it.
Place WATER and METAL objects
This star is the star of good luck (good reputation, wisdom, intelligence, love…).

Star 4 (wood) to Northwest (metal)

The element of the sector controls the element of the star. It needs help.
Place WOOD and WATER elements.
Star of success in studies and relationships. It favors learning and romance.

Star 6 (metal) in the Northeast (earth)

The element of the sector nourishes the element of the star.
Place METAL and EARTH (crystal) elements.
This is the celestial star. It’s also linked to career and professional changes.

Star 8 (earth) in North (water)

The element of the sector is neutral to the element of the star.
EARTH (ceramics, crystals…) and FIRE (fire nourishes the earth) elements can be added.
You can reinforce the elements of 8 with moving objects (aquarium, TV, fan…).
This is the star of prosperity.

Star 9 (fire) in the Southwest (wood)

The element of the sector nourishes the element of the star.
Introduce WOOD elements (to feed the fire) and use the FIRE element (red objects, lamps, candles…).
This is the star of good news, promotions and popularity.

2024 afflictions

In addition to the Yellow Five (Wu Wang), there are three other afflictions: the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the Year Breaker (Sui Po) and the 3 Killers (San Sha).

As with the stars, each year they move into the sectors of the house.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is the God of the Year. In 2024, he is the Dragon. He sits in SE1 (112.5 – 127.5°). So avoid disturbing him with construction work, new fittings or even loud Chopin. Don’t face him. To get his support, you should prefer the NO1 orientation (292.5 – 307.5°), where his enemy the Dog is located.

As a result, this NO1 sector contains what is known as the Breaker of the Year (Sui Po). Similarly, avoid making too much noise in this sector, whether through renovations, new fittings or wild parties.

In 2024, the harmful 3 cover the South + SE3 sector, i.e. from 142.5° to 202.5°. Likewise, work in this zone should be avoided.

It’s important to take these afflictions into account when planning your work. If you really don’t have a choice of zone, you may be able to find possible dates in the almanac for starting work. To do this, you’ll need to call on a personalized date selection expert (contact me).

To go further

As I said at the outset, these annual stars can radically alter the energies of your home. In the past year, several of my customers have seen major changes (in their children’s behavior, financial flows, etc.) that we’ve been able to manage thanks to the superimposition of the annual stars on the natal chart of their home. The advantage is that these are clients for whom I’ve already done the expertise, so I have all the reading grids (pakua, house Gua, Ming Gua, etc.).

If you don’t want to suffer the stars, but rather let them guide you to activate your success in 2024, let me help you! My analysis is 100% personalized and I’ll show you the remedies and activators you need to put in place in every room of your home (using everyday objects).

étoiles annuelles 2024
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