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Ming Gua calculator

When the Feng Shui expert asks the date of birth of everyone in the house, it’s not to give birthday presents 😉 It’s to calculate their Kua Number, their Ming Gua.

Knowing this number allows us to determine which is the individual’s element, and which are the house’s most favorable sectors and orientations. In particular, this information can be used to orient beds and desks in the best possible way.

Indeed, when we face our personal directions, we capture the best possible energies: those to be concentrated and creative, those to sleep well, those to relax more effectively… There are only benefits!

So, would you like to know your Kua Number?
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Discover the characteristics of the 8 Kua, your personal directions and which areas of the house are best for you!

Quiz: is your habitat sabotaging you?!

Some homes are locked: they have locks that can block finances, relationships and health.

Our home has a significant influence on our energy, our mood and, by extension, all aspects of our life.

It can be our sanctuary, a place of peace and tranquility, a real support… Or sometimes, without our being fully aware of it, a source of stress and blockage!

Lift the veil on the secrets of your living space!

Take the quiz and, depending on the result, I’ll give you some advice on how to start solving the problem.

Not yet translated in English.

Compass Feng Shui

Compass Feng Shui belongs to the San Yuan system known as the Three Periods.

In this recorded webinar, I talk about the different types of Feng Shui, what the compass is used for, the notions of seat and facade, directions and locations… and lots of other key information for sectorizing your home!

Not yet translated in English (subtitles).

How to arrange the furniture?

The placement of furniture and objects is a problem often encountered by my customers.

In this recorded webinar, I give you the 5 criteria on which the Feng Shui expert bases the placement of furniture and show you the importance of the Kua Number.

Not yet translated in English (subtitles).

The Blog

One article a week, to tell you about the fundamental Feng Shui principles, to give you room-by-room advice, to evoke interior decorating tips, to show you before-and-after pictures, to give you reading notes on inspiring books…

In short, over 150 articles that will allow you to enter my Universe 😉

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