Furnishing a Feng Shui bedroom

When we wish to apply the art of feng shui in our home, whether it is through color, objects or furnishings, one of the rooms that it is recommended to manage in priority is the bedroom. In a feng shui bedroom, whether it is a parent’s room or a baby’s room, you can get back to sleep, improve your health, boost your self-confidence, optimize your resourcing, in short, you can regain your full energy, your vital chi. Follow my advice to arrange the room at best. Today, let’s focus on the furniture. Indeed, I am often asked what furniture to put in a feng shui room, and especially how to arrange them. We will see later the decoration part (with the objects and images to be privileged, the management of the light…).

Furniture in a feng shui bedroom

For the arrangement of furniture in the room, the most important feng shui principle will be the balance between yin and yang. Indeed, the bedroom is a yin room of the house, since it is above all a night space that should facilitate sleep. It is therefore important not to unbalance the energies of the room by bringing too much yang into it. In other words, to go to bed in a room that will promote a chi of resourcing, the interior design must not be in perfect balance: it must promote yin energies. This is why, in decoration, we can afford the Norman wardrobe, an old lady of the past, heavy and ancient, with very yin characteristics. The bed will be chosen according to the individuals: no double bed for a 4 year old child, but a large bed for the young adult who may already be in love. For couples, my advice is to take a king size bed. I know, it’s very tempting to have a lot of space when you sleep, but to encourage sharing and cuddling, it’s better to “meet” in bed. The 140cm mattress width is perfect for this. To promote understanding and harmony in the couple (or to find love if you are single), the decoration will be done in pairs: for example, you need two bedside tables (if possible identical) on either side of the bed.
For the decoration of the room, also avoid using too flashy colors, they bring too much life (yang). We prefer softer colors to bring rest. In the same way, we will choose natural materials for carpets, bedspreads, cushions, coverings… The choice of colors and materials will be made once the Pakua has been placed on the plan of the house in order to determine in which sector the room in question is located: this will give us the element (or the elements) to nourish (wood, water, metal, earth or fire) In terms of objects, avoid those that bring too much life: the TV or computer has no business being in the bedroom…
The bed is the main piece of furniture of the room, with two essential parameters: its orientation, and the need or not of an additional accessory: the headboard.

Bed orientation in feng shui

Knowing how to orient your bed in the room is a very popular feng shui topic. I will write more detailed pages about it. If I had to summarize here, I would say that it is mainly the date of birth that will allow us to know the ideal orientation of the bed in the feng shui room.
I let you read again my article on the Kua number: you will know how to calculate it according to your year of birth (according to the Chinese calendar). Once you know your Ming Gua, nothing could be simpler: you will deduce from it the 4 orientations which are the most favorable to you. To favor sleep, which is the main purpose of the bedroom, we will favor the orientation related to harmony or the one related to health. Of the other two, it is the one linked to the energy of prosperity, of career, which will be the least favorable. It is not that it will bring negative energy, it is that it may bring a little too much unnecessary cogitation. How can you find rest if you are constantly thinking about work? Even for a child or a teenager, it is to be avoided: they might think too much about school or future exams.

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The importance of the headboard in feng shui

It is not unusual for me to advise my clients to invest in a headboard. Indeed, in feng shui, it is not a useless accessory, it is part of the tricks to compensate the environment. In the texts related to Chinese metaphysics, in the work of Sun Tzu “The Art of War”, is often mentioned the position of power, and the need to have support.
The headboard has a supporting role. According to the school of form, this support is supposed to be provided by the Black Tortoise, a natural element representing a mountain and which should be behind the house to protect it from natural elements such as wind or water. When we do not have a real mountain, then, in our urban environments, we will check the presence of large architectural ensembles, even if the energy brought by these human constructions does not have the same quality as that coming from Nature.

So, if the study of the landscape and the environment concludes to an absence of Black Tortoise, it may be necessary, to compensate for this lack of support, to bring a headboard for each of the beds of the house, and for the parental room in priority.

Managing the bedroom door in feng shui

Finally, when designing the bedroom, in addition to the orientation of the bed, the door of the feng shui bedroom is also to be taken into consideration. Indeed, one of the feng shui rules is to avoid sleeping in a door-window flow because this is where the natural circulation of energy will be located. It is also often said that one should not have the foot of the bed facing the door: this comes from ancient times, when people did not die in hospital but in their own bed and they left with both feet forward… In general, it is not advisable to place the bed directly facing the door because the energy flow is too important: the “flow” of chi is too powerful, it is more yang than yin.
In a bedroom like a master suite, we also advise against placing the headboard against the wall with the door leading to the bathroom. We always prefer a solid wall, that is to say without door or window, to place the bed.

I hope you find these tips for arranging furniture in a feng shui bedroom useful. In the bedroom, the furniture is as important as the decoration.

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