A Feng Shui room for whom?

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms when it comes to a feng shui assessment of the house. It is in the bedroom that the benefits related to health and relationships are played out.

A feng shui room for whom? I would say for everyone! Whatever our age or situation, it is in everyone’s interest to make sure that the bedroom is a space of resourcing and appeasement, that it favours a good sleep, that it is like a cocoon in which it is possible to take refuge in case of need.

A feng shui room for babies

Your baby has just been born and his room is already ready. You have prepared everything well in advance so that he will feel welcome as soon as he returns home. However, did you know that, like any human being, and probably even more so, he is sensitive to the energies of the environment? That it is possible that despite all the care taken to decorate your baby’s room, it is not feng shui in the true sense of the word?

There are certain rules to respect even if you think that he is too small to be aware of the environment. Indeed, he won’t be able to appreciate right away the pretty colour that daddy has painted on the wall… But he will be a real sponge to feel the chi of the room and unconsciously recognize if the famous colour feeds or not the sector in which his room is located…

A feng shui room for kids

As the years go by, baby becomes a child. He spends a lot of time in his room, both playing and sleeping. It is important to ensure that the energy flows optimally. This means arranging the furniture in a way that is conducive to a fluid circulation of Chi, setting up appropriate storage and a routine to avoid leaving too much clutter in the room, placing the new large bed in the most favourable orientation, choosing appropriate colours and materials according to the sector, taking into account, if possible, the psychology of colours

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A feng shui room for teens

The child is still growing and becoming a teenager. A new piece of furniture has probably appeared in the bedroom: the desk. The placement of the desk in the room can have a strong impact on the ability (or not) to do homework and stay focused. The choice of colours will also be important, as will the shade and hue. Adolescence is not necessarily a very cool period for your child, he is on edge, feels changes in himself and around him, does not always understand the world… You must respect his need to isolate himself, but do not make bad choices in the decoration which will diminish the good energies of the sector. Also pay attention to the symbolism of the objects, posters, images that surround him…

A feng shui room for adults

Finally, once an adult, the human being still needs to find in his room a space of rest, a haven of resourcefulness. A feng shui bedroom is all about common sense (tidying up, ventilation…), furniture that favours the balance between yin and yang furniture/colours, a free circulation of energies through the layout, a choice of bed positioning according to the favourable orientations of the individuals, the banishment of all non-conducive elements.

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