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Do you dream of transforming your home into a sanctuary of well-being, of implementing feng shui, but find yourself far from an expert in traditional feng shui? Whether you live in a charming village in the Ardèche, in bustling urban Istanbul or under the tropical sun of Reunion Island, harmony and balance in your space are not out of reach. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, remote Feng Shui expertise is not only possible, it’s just as effective as if I were physically present at your side.

The distance between you and me is no longer an obstacle. I invite you to discover how traditional Feng Shui, applied through digital tools such as Google Earth and Géoportail, can significantly improve your quality of life. No matter where you are, your home can be aligned with the best energies to promote health, relationships, abundance, and overall well-being. Ready to explore how a remote Feng Shui consultation can transform your living space into a true haven of peace? I’ll tell you all about it!

The advantages of remote Feng Shui expertise

Universal accessibility: one of the greatest advantages of remote Feng Shui expertise is that it transcends geographical barriers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tucked away in a small town or a metropolis on another continent, you have access to my professional expertise in traditional Feng Shui. This accessibility is particularly valuable for those living in areas where Feng Shui experts are rare.

Use of technology: I use advanced technological tools such as Google Earth and Géoportail to accurately examine the layout and environmental characteristics of your home. These tools allow me to carry out a detailed analysis, to step back in a way that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do if I were on site. This guarantees you precise, personalised recommendations to align your home with the best energies.

Flexibility and comfort: with a remote Feng Shui consultation, you benefit from incomparable flexibility. You can receive comprehensive expertise without having to leave the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the need to coordinate schedules for an in-person visit and also reduces the waiting time to get started on the project to improve your space. 

Direct, personal interaction: despite the distance, modern communication technologies such as video calls enable rich, personal interaction. You can discuss your needs, show your space in real time, and receive tailored advice immediately (particularly in the case of my Audit service).

From North...
to South (Marseille)

How does remote Feng Shui expertise work?

Carrying out a remote Feng Shui appraisal is a structured, interactive process that delivers results just as effective as a face-to-face consultation. Here are the key stages:

Stage 1: Making contact and defining requirements It all starts with making contact, usually via a discovery call or email. During our initial communication, we discuss your expectations and objectives. You also share essential information such as a floor plan of your living space and the number of people in your household.

Step 2: Remote analysis Once I have all the necessary information, I begin the analysis of your space using geolocation tools such as Google Earth to understand the external context and Géoportail for a precise view of the location. I then place the Bagua on your plan to determine how the different zones affect your well-being. I apply the principles of the school of form, the compass and the flying stars to assess energy flows. This detailed analysis helps to identify the improvements needed to harmonise your environment.

Step 3: Report delivery and follow-up After the analysis, I write a personalised Feng Shui expertise report, which is sent to you by e-mail. This document includes detailed recommendations for reorganising your space to improve the circulation of energy. Depending on the support package you have chosen, we organise a follow-up session, usually via a video call, to discuss the report and clarify any questions. This follow-up can also include regular coaching sessions to support you in implementing the changes and adjusting the recommendations if necessary.

In La Réunion
or in Istanbul

To conclude

Although remote Feng Shui expertise offers many advantages, it does present certain challenges, particularly in terms of the accuracy of the information provided. I therefore make sure that I explain and communicate clearly and regularly with my clients to validate the details of the plan, the orientation, etc. The use of photos and videos also helps to make a more accurate assessment.

The use of photos and videos also helps me to make a more accurate assessment. It also helps me to connect with the place and feel its energies, exactly when you’re having a treatment at a distance.

Finally, regular follow-up sessions help to refine recommendations and adjust strategies to ensure optimal harmony of the space.

As you can see, remote Feng Shui expertise is not just a practical solution; it’s a gateway to a transformed living space that promotes health, prosperity and overall well-being, wherever you are. Thanks to modern technology and effective communication, you can benefit from a full consultation without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Near me (Essonne)
or not ! (Ardèche)

If you’re ready to begin your journey towards a harmonised interior, don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer a range of expertise packages tailored to your specific needs, which you can find out more about HERE.

Together, we can turn your space into a haven of peace, wherever you are.

Transform your space, transform your life, like all my customers whose satellite photos illustrate this article!

Expertise Feng Shui à distance
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