Before/After: a living room in South zone

I’m going to give you a piece of advice: avoid redecorating when you’re not feeling well and you’re not aligned. You say to yourself: “I’m going to redecorate the living room, it will cheer me up, it will make me feel better”. At the time, yes, without a doubt: you empty the room, you sometimes sell the old furniture, you spend hours comparing colour charts, you leaf through magazines, in short, you’re all in. But, if you are unhappy, in the end, it will only be dissipated for a few weeks while you finalise. Little by little, the benefits of the excitement of change will wear off. And you know the worst part? As luck would have it, you will have chosen colours that are in harmony with your current energy… and therefore probably not the right ones, either from a feng shui or colour psychology point of view.

In the top image, you see a living room in shades of grey and turquoise. Everything is harmonious and matches. On the other hand, despite a beautiful luminosity, this living room is cold: turquoise is a colour known to be cold, grey is neutral, the leather is cold, the lacquer of the coffee tables too. The room is 29 m2 in total, the sofa takes up a lot of space, and creates a corridor effect in the extension of the entrance. There is a lot of metal (which does nothing for the fire zone) and a little water (which is not recommended as it destroys the fire). The colours do not help at all to harmonise the energies of the room.

Let’s see how to apply the principles of Feng Shui to this living room. The living room, in total, contains 3 zones: South, South-East and East. In the photo below, we can only see the living room area, which corresponds to the South zone. The entrance and the staircase are in the South West zone.

salon aménagé en zone sud

In the South, it is Fire. The colours to be favoured are red, pink or violet.  Wood can also be added since in the cycle of the 5 elements, wood feeds fire. The colours of wood are green and brown. A few touches of earth are also possible, if there is a need for some control (to be determined with the expert).

As I explained in my article on the colour red, it is interesting, if you can, to have a house entrance painted red, it gives a nice energy to the Chi entering the house. Also, here it was judicious to paint in red the entrance and the living room part since the fire in the South West feeds the Earth.  The red chosen is a raspberry red (RAL 3027). For a respected yin yang balance, the rest of the walls of the room should be painted in softer tones (they were painted in opal beige and palatino green).

salon rouge framboise

To fuel the fire, the carpet is beige, the sofa is brown and the armchair is green (3 wood colours). The TV cabinet and the coffee tables are made of solid wood (preferable because plywood furniture usually contains solvents used in glues).  You will notice that the tables have a triangle shape (the Fire shape) but rounded (to avoid shar chi).
The fireplace was already right in the southern area, which is perfect. The size of the sofa was reduced and instead of a chaise longue, a footstool was chosen, which is easier to move around as needed. The fabric, more cosy, warmer, has replaced the leather. The size of the carpet was chosen to cover almost the entire living room area, to define the boundaries of this space and to cover the tiles. Indeed, for cost reasons, the grey tiles were kept. If the feng shui expertise had been carried out before the work, we would have chosen either a solid parquet floor or imitation wood tiles.
Finally, to have a complete vision of the before/after: the entrance door of the house was changed (from a full door to a door with two vertical panes) which brings in natural light; the colour of the staircase is now yellow since we are in the Earth zone; and the console was replaced by a chest of drawers (the console does not convey a nice message in the language of the birds)

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