Before and after: a bathroom in the metal zone

Renovating a bathroom is never easy.
In the example below, it could have been given a simple makeover through home staging (repainting the tiles, the furniture, covering the floor with a nice lino…) because the tiles and the sanitary facilities were in very good condition.
A different choice was made since this renovation was not done with the aim of an “immediate” property revaluation for a sale, and the owners had the necessary budget to carry out a complete renovation. 

The bathroom: Before

This bathroom is located in the West/Northwest zone. It is the METAL zone.
As a reminder (see my article on the cycle of the 5 Chinese elements), metal is nourished with metal material, as well as with white, grey, gold or silver.

Before renovation, we see that the bathroom has white walls (OK), green floor tiles (NOK) and light green tiles (NOK). The green and brown are attached to the WOOD element. Here, it is “neutral” because the wood does not harm the metal (it is the opposite). But it is a pity not to have nourished sectors, knowing that these areas represent children and projects (west), luck and support (northwest).

The surface of the room is about 6.5 square metres. The double washbasin cabinet is 140 cm wide. The bathtub is 1.70 metres long.
As the current configuration is optimised, the renovation does not foresee any changes in terms of layout.

lavabo salle de bain avant
baignoire salle de bain avant
lavabo salle de bain avant
salle de bain avant

The bathroom: the building site

The existing sanitary fittings and furniture must be removed; the floor tiles and wall tiles must be removed, and the wallpaper must be removed.
When the tiles are not damaged and well glued, it is very difficult to keep the plasterboard. Two solutions are generally recommended: either nothing is removed at all and the new tiles are laid on top of the old ones, or the damaged plasterboard is replaced. The latter is the choice made here.

travaux salle de bain
travaux salle de bain
travaux salle de bain
travaux salle de bain
pose carrelage
pose nouvelle baignoire

The bathroom: After

The wall tiles are grey and have two finishes: a smooth finish and a striated finish. The floor tiles are a darker grey with slight metallic mottling.
The walls have been tiled throughout, from floor to ceiling, in the entire front area under the slope. The walls around the sitting dog are covered with grey wallpaper, with a prismatic pattern.
The ceiling was redone to include several LED spotlights.
The bathtub was changed to a longer and wider model. In order to optimise the space, the door was replaced by a sliding door (outside, on the bedroom side). The tapware was integrated into the wall.
In order to take advantage of the nice width of the washbasin area, 2 cabinets of 80cm were chosen. The shape of the metal being round, new “barber” style mirrors have been placed above each washbasin.
Finally, the small water radiator was replaced by a large white towel warmer.

nouvelle baignoire
nouveau meuble lavabo

The element that nourishes the metal is EARTH. So we used yellow as a third colour, to give it a bit of a kick.

nouvelle salle de bain
nouvelle salle de bain
déco salle de bain
lavabo salle de bain avant nouvelle salle de bain

There is no secret, to carry out a real makeover in a bathroom that is more than 20 years old, it is often necessary to start from a blank page. This leaves plenty of room for rethinking the spaces.
Renovating a bathroom always represents a substantial budget. Nevertheless, when you intend to sell, it is very important not to neglect this room which can have a strong impact on the value of your property. A completely renovated bathroom reassures the buyer and takes the weight off his shoulders.

Avant après salle de bain
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