The corridor in Feng Shui

Today I wanted to talk about the hallway. Yes, it is one of the rooms in the house or flat, just like the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. However, this place is often neglected because it only serves as a passageway and is not a room in which to rest. Nevertheless, it allows the chi to be distributed in the different spaces. Also, whatever its place in the house, it is a space for which it is advisable to nourish the energy, in particular via the decoration (colours, material, layout).

The mirror in the feng shui hallway

This is a question that comes up very often. In feng shui, mirrors are either demonised or praised, as if there were no half measures. What I can tell you, however, is that they are a great passion! I won’t mention the Bagua feng shui mirrors, octagonal in shape, with concave or convex glass, because they should be used thoughtfully and with the help of a specialist. Indeed, they are powerful tools that respect many rules. Let’s just talk about mirrors, which are found everywhere in decoration shops.

Mirrors reflect light in particular, which makes them particularly useful in a hallway, as this room usually has no windows. It is therefore important to take care of the lighting first and then to use the mirror: placed judiciously (several mirrors can be used), it will allow the light to ricochet and energize the energy so that it is distributed in an optimal way in the other rooms.
Of course, in feng shui, we like objects in good condition. So the glass of your mirror should not be tarnished or cracked. The surface must be perfectly clean in order to reflect light, energy or any object in an optimal way and without shar chi.
Finally, if your hallway is in the entrance, be careful not to put the mirror facing the door. Remember, this would be inviting the energy to come straight out of the house.

Colours in a feng shui corridor

Since the hallway is to be considered a classical room, feng shui principles apply: the colour of the walls will be chosen to respect the cycles of the 5 Chinese elements: fire, wood, metal, water or earth. And these elements will be defined according to the cardinal direction of the house.

The bagua is placed on the complete floor plan of the house and the area in which the corridor is located is determined. It may be that it is in the centre of the house. If it is, you know that it will be the earth element. So the colour associated with the hallway should be in the yellow or orange range. The shades and nuances will be defined according to the yin or yang character of the corridor: some corridors are very dark (yin) and therefore need yang to be energised.

If your corridor is not in the centre of the house, in this case, you will choose the colours according to the element of the zone in which it is located: grey or white if it is North-West or West, blue if it is North, green or brown if it is East or South-East, red or pink if it is South… Basically, it is the way the room is oriented that will determine the colour to be used.

It is also possible to energize the energy by choosing different colours for the doors served. It is possible to vary the colour while respecting the 5 elements. For example, for a corridor in the South, it is rather delicate to choose a red wall. However, you can have fun by choosing a slightly different red for each door, there are so many shades! Similarly, in the North, you can play with a shade of blue.

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The ideal feng shui corridor plan

The query “feng shui floor plan” is often used on Google. But it is very difficult to give a simple answer to this question: is there an ideal plan?
In the majority of cases, people do not have their homes built and do not choose the layout of the hallway in the house, nor its characteristics. If I had to give advice on the feng shui corridor, I would say that one of the first things to take care of is the lighting. And as natural lighting is always to be favoured, the ideal would be that the house plan makes sure that the corridor can benefit from a window, or even a light well (if it is in its centre). It will then be possible to place green plants in the hallway, which has the dual effect of nourishing the energy while slowing down a too fast chi.
The corridor should not be of such proportions that it does not respect the yin & yang balance: too narrow is not favourable, but neither is too wide: too much space accelerates the flow of energy and the chi distributed could thus be too yang, too powerful. If the corridor serves rooms, for example, it is really not ideal.
Finally, I would avoid creating a corridor facing the entrance, it is not welcoming and it energizes the chi inside the house too much, just as one avoids putting a staircase in front of the door.

Feng shui corridor decoration

In addition to the mirror(s) that can be placed on the walls, in addition to the colours that you have chosen to apply according to the sectors (cardinal zones), it is possible to add decorative objects to the corridor: I am thinking in particular of paintings.
A corridor serving 3 children’s rooms with permanently open doors would be dynamic. Perhaps even too much… You could therefore consider placing soothing images on the wall to calm the energy.
On the other hand, a long corridor in a “night” area with an adult bedroom, office and bathroom might be a bit dull during the day. In this case, why not make the energy more cheerful by choosing brightly coloured pictures and scenes full of life.
As you can see, just because it’s a hallway doesn’t mean you should neglect its decoration!

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So, as we have seen, in a feng shui house it is important to consider the hallway as a room in its own right. It is therefore important to follow the feng shui rules to establish a nice flow of positive energy in it. It participates in the distribution of chi in our interior: the more the energy is nourished (for example via the colour of the walls, the materials used…), the more the energy that will enter the other rooms (bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.) will benefit from a good chi. Follow these few tips to make that special place in your house or flat a distributor of energy.

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