How to design Feng Shui toilets?

Today, let’s tackle a highly important subject, given the amount of research on the internet on the subject: how to design a feng shui toilet? The toilet is one of the rooms in the house, just like the bedroom or the kitchen. I’m talking here about toilets separated from the bathroom because obviously, when the toilet is in the bathroom, it is the whole bathroom that is considered by the Feng Shui expert. However, this place (of life?) is often neglected and yet we spend a lot of time there! Especially when you go there with your phone…
I will try to bring you an answer, so that you know how to arrange a feng shui toilet, in particular via the colour or the material. Yes, it is possible to take advantage of the time spent in the toilet to benefit from a beautiful energy. While we’re at it…

Which colors in feng shui toilets?

As mentioned above, the toilet is a room in its own right. Therefore, the usual feng shui principles apply. After determining the orientation of the house, and placing the bagua on the plan, one is able to define in which sector the toilet is located.
Each sector being linked to an element, it is necessarily linked to specific colours. If the toilet is located in the northwest, it should be fed with metal and white, grey, gold or silver colours. If a mirror is placed there, then it should preferably be round. In the east and south-east sectors, brown or green shades should be chosen, and the mirror should preferably be rectangular, as this is the wood element. If you have a window, you can take advantage of it to put green plants. Wood controls water and feeds on water. Whatever the element, leave the ceiling and sanitary facilities white. White is, in colour psychology, a symbol of cleanliness and hygiene.

These elements should be considered with a grain of salt, all other things being equal. Indeed, a more detailed analysis allows us to determine, thanks to the flying stars, whether the energy of the sector is favourable or not. If it is, or if water can act as an activator, then it is in your interest to colour the room and take care of the decoration. If, on the contrary, the energies are not favourable, or if water is not needed, it may be necessary to make the WC as neutral as possible, pastel colours, no decoration, so as not to awaken a harmful energy (linked to the sector and not to the fact that it is a WC).

Feng shui toilet in the centre of the house

It is often said that the toilet should not be in the centre of the house. This rule is based on the fact that the centre of the house represents the vital energy of all the occupants. However, in feng shui, the toilet has the reputation of creating a leakage of chi. The energy can actually leave the house via the pipes. The consequence would be a loss of vital force, with all the inconveniences that this can cause. 
So you can see that having a toilet in the centre is not ideal. If this is the case in your home, make sure you always close the seat and keep the door closed. This applies regardless of the configuration. And if you have other toilets in the house, then try to use them as much as possible.
You can also use and abuse the earth element: not only does it nourish the centre of the house, but the earth absorbs water.

Feng shui toilet under the stairs

When I talk to clients or people attending my conferences, there is often a concern about having a toilet under the stairs. It is indeed a common concern. It is said everywhere that it is extremely harmful – I have even seen “deadly”. Oops! You’re beginning to know me, I’m not one to take the word of such principles unless it’s absolutely necessary. You should know that despite my research, I have found nothing in traditional feng shui methods that would support this theory. What is frequently found, however, is that the energy of the toilet is harmful. Here I want to take a break: have you ever been to the Chinese countryside? No ? Well, remember, for those who have experienced that with their parents or grandparents, huts at the bottom of the garden?  They were precisely away from the house to keep potential bad smells away, they are shar chi. But today, in our modern homes, where toilets can be cleaned and disinfected very regularly, where you can put perfume in them… do you think that energy is as harmful as it was hundreds of years ago? For me, clearly not, so let’s stop demonising them. Let’s pay attention to their cleanliness, let’s close the doors because toilets have never been sexy, and then that’s it.

Ideal plan with feng shui toilet

In terms of design, if you are lucky enough to have a new house built or if you have planned to change things, here are my tips for designing a feng shui toilet.
First of all, you should always choose an individual toilet, i.e. in a separate room and not in the bathroom, especially when this shower room is part of a master suite and is therefore directly in the bedroom. Who would want to be facing the toilet while taking a bath in the bathtub?
Suspended toilets are used, as they make it much easier to clean the floor and, as we have seen, it is essential that this room is clean.
Obviously, you should avoid placing the toilet under the stairs (prefer a cupboard with things you use often) or in the centre of the house. 
Similarly, if the toilet is right next to the bedroom, avoid placing the bed against the wall that would support the toilet on the other side. It is never a good idea to have the headboard touching a wall of drains. Also, avoid placing the bed opposite the bathroom or toilet door.
Finally, provide a hand-washing basin or make sure that it is accessible via an airlock with a small washbasin (especially if the toilet door is visible from a heavily used living area such as the kitchen or living room). If there is sufficient space, storage furniture should be provided so that the toilet paper collection or cleaning products are not visible.

I hope that this article has given you the answer to the question of how to arrange a feng shui toilet in your home. As for the bathroom, it is a room of water which requires some precautions in its installations. The colour of the walls, you will have understood, will take into account the sector, while the interior decoration will be adjusted according to the energies of the stars. The furniture will also be made of materials which, if possible, respect the energies linked to the elements. In my advice, you will notice that I did not specify to calculate the Kua number of the inhabitants: no need to place the toilets in such a way as to favour favour favourable directions, let’s not go that far!

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