Rooms in the feng shui house

Rooms in the Feng Shui house

You have decided to apply some Feng Shui principles to welcome him in your home sweat home? You are in the right place! Inviting Feng Shui into your home is quite an art. What you need to know first of all is that you will have to harmonize all the rooms in your house. This is because life energy flows freely. You cannot balance yin and yang and nourish the elements in your living room without applying feng shui principles to your entrance: how can you expect the chi entering your living room to be positive and beneficial if it has lost its good vibes by crossing the hallway?
So, to balance effectively and feel all the benefits, you will have to treat all the rooms in the house in feng shui. Let’s look at this in detail.

A feng shui entrance

If there is one “room” that absolutely must be treated, and as soon as possible, it is the entrance. Indeed, it is the first room to receive the energy in your house (or flat). It is the mouth of the Chi. The more the vital breath will be pampered from the entrance in the house, the more beneficial will be the energy in the other rooms. I let you discover my detailed article with my 10 tips for a feng shui entrance.

Porte d'entrée entourée de plantes

A feng shui kitchen

The kitchen is also a very important room in feng shui: health depends on the food and the conditions in which it is prepared. The energy in your kitchen will have an impact on your health but also on your relationships. If the rules of feng shui are respected, they will be more harmonious. So follow my 5 tips for a feng shui kitchen!

A feng shui living room

Are you a series fan and spend a lot of time on your sofa? On the other hand, TV is a problem because you are sitting at your table in front of a 1000 piece puzzle? In both cases, have you arranged the TV or dining area in such a way that your favourable orientation is respected? No ? Read the article in which I offer you 6 tips for a feng shui living room!

salon avec canapé

A feng shui bedroom

You want to redecorate your room, you are about to choose the colours of the paintings… Stop! Read my article to take the opportunity to apply the feng shui principles and rules in your bedroom! As you know, the energies of a room are harmonized by the colour and the material, according to the different elements. It would be a pity to just change the decoration when you can take advantage of it, to welcome a resourcing chi at the same time.

A feng shui bathroom

If you are like my daughter, you spend a lot of time in your bath, or creaming, putting on make-up… The bathroom is therefore also a room that requires the same feng shui rules. Follow my 10 feng shui tips for the bathroom, you will know how to place the bathtub, which colour of tiles to choose or the shape of the mirror!

Feng shui toilets

This is another water room that can benefit from some Feng Shui advice as it is a bit tricky to manage. I’ll let you read my detailed article “how to design a Feng Shui toilet” to learn more.

A feng shui workspace

In these times when teleworking has become completely democratised, it is necessary not to forget the office. Whether it’s a room in its own right, or a dedicated corner of the living room or bedroom, there are plenty of tips to know so that the office space in your home is treated with feng shui. I invite you to read my detailed article.


A feng shui corridor

Often neglected, the corridor is a room like any other whose design is important. It is possible to make sure that the energy flowing in it is not too vibrant or on the contrary stagnant.
Follow my advice to make the most of this space, which ultimately distributes chi as it distributes rooms.

Pièce maison Feng Shui

Here you are, click on the links in each paragraph to get the details. You will get all my tips to make all the rooms in the house feng shui. 

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)
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