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Some Feng Shui terms are quite complicated, even untranslated and therefore simply not in our language. In the course of the different articles published on this blog, I have developed a lot of concepts and principles in order to explain to you what is behind the word “Feng Shui”. Indeed, I subscribe to the Google Alert “Feng Shui” and I see countless articles that either touch on the subject (so much so that it is not dealt with in the end) or go into complete folklore, or just say stupid things… So it’s absolutely not useless, is it, to put things in a more pragmatic way.

In order to take advantage of all the literature already written on this blog on this vast subject, I decided to make a Feng Shui glossary on my site. Thus, on this dedicated page, I propose to explain certain words to you, some of which are simply put in context. In this glossary, I only put a short description of the word or concept since you will have, almost every time, a link to the article or the detailed page. So don’t hesitate to click on all these links, just to take advantage of my superb internal linkage (private joy for SEO addicts).

From A for acupuncture to Z for Zodiac, through G for Gua or L for Luopan, click on the button below to dive into the world of Feng Shui!

And since today is the bank holidays (in France), I hope you have a nice holiday with, if possible, a beautiful fireworks display this evening, where you will admire the beautiful red, the beautiful green and the beautiful blue!

As for me, I went down to Sologne last night to spend this long weekend (but still studious) in the green with beautiful walks in my dear Sologne forests 😍

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