The use of colors in Feng Shui

psychologie des couleurs

Feng Shui is above all about harmonising the energies of the place in order to enjoy its benefits, whatever the moment. Also, there is always for me this notion of adaptation. When we try to balance yin and yang, to nourish the 5 elements, we proceed as best we can according to the house, the environment, the people living there. We sometimes take assumptions, we adapt according to the region, the aspirations of the inhabitants, in short, the energy of the moment.

Well, for me, using colours in Feng Shui is exactly that: it is to combine a methodology and thousand-year-old practices with the present moment, and in particular with contemporary decoration and our Western world.

As part of my practice of colour psychology, I have written detailed articles on the symbolism of different colours.
I have just gathered, as a synthesis, all the colours in a single page, a bit like a multicoloured painting 🙂

I invite you to click on the button below to discover this synthetic page, which will allow you to have a global and complete overview of the use of colours in Feng Shui.

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

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