How do I make a salt cure?

The use of the salt cure as a method of purification or energetic cleansing is not exclusively linked to feng shui. In France, and in other European cultures, salt has long been valued for its preserving and purifying properties, both physically and spiritually.

Salt, the white gold

Our grandparents used salt in various rituals and domestic practices, often linked to purification, protection and preservation. Salt was recognized for its ability to ward off the evil eye, protect against negative energies and purify spaces. These uses are part of a long tradition in which salt is considered a sacred and powerful element:

  • Protecting thresholds: Sprinkle salt on door and window thresholds to prevent the entry of bad energy or malevolent spirits.
  • Purification of objects and spaces: Use salt to clean objects or rooms in the home, by scattering it and then sweeping it up, symbolizing the elimination of negative energies.
  • Healing rituals: Salt was also used in baths or concoctions for its curative and purifying properties, with the aim of restoring physical and spiritual health.

While these practices may vary according to region and family tradition, the importance attributed to salt in cleansing and purification is a common thread. So, while the specific method of the salt cure as conceived in feng shui may not have been explicitly used by our grandparents in France, the idea of using salt for its energetic and purifying properties is something that resonates with ancestral European traditions.

The salt cure

In traditional feng shui, the cure is most often used as a metal remedy as part of the flying star analysis.

Here’s how to do it:

You’ll need :

  • An open glass container (a jar or small bowl is fine)
  • A small plate
  • Coarse salt
  • Six yellow and 1 white coin
  • water

Steps to follow:

Take the glass container and fill it two-thirds full with coarse salt.

Arrange the 7 coins on the salt, dividing them evenly. (He Tu’s 6+1 combination).

Gently pour water into the container, until the coins are lightly covered. The water should cover them and protrude by about 1 cm.

Place the salt cure in an area of your home or office that needs a metal remedy. This year, for example, it’s essential in the West zone.

I remind you that to know this, you need to sector your home according to the cardinal direction.

Leave the container in place for as long as necessary (one year for star 5 in 2024). You’ll observe physical changes in the salt and water. Be sure to put a plate under the jar, as the contents will overflow over the weeks (“tongues” of salt crystals will run down the sides).

Add more water as you go along, if you find you’re running low. And, if necessary, don’t hesitate to clean the jar and redo it completely.

Carry out the salt cure with intention, concentrating on the objective of purifying and renewing the energy of the space.

Epingle cure de sel
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