What are the origins of Feng Shui?

The origin of feng shui is very old, we find traces of it since 4000 years BC. Yes, you can imagine, 6000 years ago, the ancients had already made some observations to establish principles. At the beginning, everything was based on the forms of the landscape associated with the forces of nature, with the aim of preserving the Living.

Feng shui has evolved over time and little by little new observations as well as movements of thought such as Taoism or Confucianism have established a real methodology to be applied in our home.

Today, discoveries in quantum physics allow us to underline the existence of this energetic field which surrounds us and interconnects us. It is at this level that Feng Shui can interact.

You want to discover more about the origins of Feng Shui? I invite you to visit the dedicated page. Have a nice reading!

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