How do you design a Feng Shui baby room?

Dear parents, the birth of a baby marks the start of a wonderful adventure, but also of a series of crucial decisions for the well-being of your little one. The first step? Creating a bedroom that’s conducive to sleep and wakefulness, while promoting positive energy. But how do you achieve this? Feng Shui has the answer!

I’ve prepared a whole page for you to explore how Feng Shui can transform your baby’s room into a haven of peace: location of the room, optimal layout of furniture, selection of colours and design elements, importance of cleanliness and order…

I also talk about the essential role of the five Chinese elements and how to incorporate them into your baby’s bedroom. And of course, I remind you that location and orientation are linked to the Number Kua!

Ready to discover how Feng Shui can enrich your baby’s room and promote healthy development? Click on the button below to go to the detailed page.

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