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How to decorate a Feng Shui bedroom?

This is not the first article I’ve written about the bedroom, and it won’t be the last either!
If there was a room to start with, to promote one’s well-being and find inner harmony, it would be this one. That’s why I’m digging deeper into the subject through my writings.
Last time, I mentioned how to furnish a Feng Shui room, with particular emphasis on the bed. Today, I would like to focus more on the decoration part:

  • What colors to choose for the room?
  • Can we put green plants in the room?
  • Should we banish the mirror?
  • Can we put an aquarium in the room?
  • What decorative objects should be used?

So many questions that I propose to answer in a dedicated page. To read the content, click on the button below.

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