Spring has arrived (in the West!)

Spring officially arrived yesterday. Well, that’s according to our Gregorian calendar, not the Chinese one!

With the arrival of spring, a universal feeling of renewal awakens in everyone’s heart. This season, symbolizing rebirth, brings with it an air of freshness and newness.

But unlike the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese calendar introduces spring at the beginning of February, marking a unique perspective on the natural cycle. Interestingly enough, the Chinese don’t wait for the flowers to bloom on the trees. And indeed, before the flowers bloom, there have been buds, and before that, their promise, still invisible to the eye.

The Chinese calendar, with its roots in astronomy and agricultural cycles, considers February to be the official start of spring. This period, known as “Lìchūn”, is not just a temporal marker, but is of paramount importance in Chinese culture and feng shui.

This was even truer this year with the change of period!

Spring symbolizes renewal, growth and the beginning of a new life cycle, fundamental concepts in Chinese metaphysics. It invites us to re-evaluate our relationship with the seasons and enrich our understanding of nature.

cerisier en fleur au printemps

The link between spring and psychological well-being is undeniable. As nature awakens from its winter slumber, so do our minds and bodies.

The increase in light, the brilliance of color, and the emerging warmth act on our mood and energy, prompting us to optimism and action.

There’s a real analogy between nature’s renewal and our inner renewal.
We need to take advantage of this to welcome change and cultivate our own personal growth. A plant or tree doesn’t ask itself to “grow”; it’s part of its essence. Man contains the same Chi, the same vital breath, and yet he asks himself many existential questions and sometimes doesn’t consider his growth to be fundamental. We too need to grow, to raise our branches to the sky and our roots underground!

Feng shui finds a particular resonance in spring. This season is the ideal opportunity to purify and harmonize our living space, eliminating the old to make way for the new.

That’s why, every year, I encourage you to do some real spring-cleaning, to encourage a flow of positive, renewed energy. A few simple tips can transform your environment into a haven of peace and prosperity.

Get your rags!

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