Feng Shui toilets?

Two weeks ago, I proposed you a Before/After of toilets located in the Metal zone.  And since, in Feng Shui, this room is often demonized, I wanted to come back today on the subject. Why do toilets raise so many questions when it comes to applying Feng Shui principles?

It is true that in the old books (the few that have not disappeared) it is clearly stated for example that the toilet should never be next to the front door. It is important here to put things in context: in China, at the time (and still today in many places), toilets were absolutely unspeakable. Such a pestilence was indeed a huge shar chi, and it was impossible to consider welcoming it into one’s home by placing the front door right next to it. But today, in our modern homes, especially in the West, toilets are much cleaner, and sometimes it is even a room that smells good! 

Now, it is true that because of the existence of pipes in this room, and because of the symbolism linked to the evacuation, there are some precautions to take. I have addressed this in detail in a dedicated page (writing pages rather than articles allows the content to not suffer from SEO temporality).😉 

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