How to implement feng shui?

Generally speaking, one does not come to feng shui by chance. One almost always starts by learning about the subject before starting to implement feng shui in one’s home. The principles of feng shui are a mixture of fairly obvious, or at least common sense, concepts and more complex rules. It is a whole philosophy to integrate, in order to tame the energy in your home.

So, once you have understood that it is about bringing harmony to each room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room…), how do you implement feng shui?

Calling on a feng shui expert

In terms of my clientele, if I had to summarize, I observe 2 types of profiles: those who have a problem (health problems, insomnia, financial problems, lack of energy, procrastination, etc.) or those who don’t really have a problem but who wish to anticipate and protect themselves from possible problems in the future. In both cases, the feng shui expertise will be managed a little differently.

I’m talking about a complete expertise, which includes recommendations on the elements of the decoration (and in particular the colours), the determination of the most favourable orientations for each person, the management of the circulation of energies, the manipulation of the chi (if necessary), etc. The expertise report makes you autonomous (on this habitat), even if my expertise includes a 12 months accompaniment as from the restitution of the results. I explained to you in a dedicated page what a Feng Shui expertise includes in the sense that I practice it.

Do a single feng shui consultation

This is what I call the feng shui audit. I often offer it to people who come to my lectures. The feng shui consultation lasts about an hour, and allows me to take stock, a bit like an audit, of how the energy is harmonised or not within the house. Sometimes, I have the pleasure to notice that the balance of yin and yang is respected and that the vital energy is nourished by the choices of decoration made until then. I give a few more tips and that’s it. Sometimes, however, I understand immediately why the person needs me. I’m an energy sponge, I’ll immediately sense if something is wrong. Sometimes it’s obvious and I give the keys right away, other times there’s a real need for more expertise.

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Read books on feng shui

You can start implementing feng shui after reading a few books on the subject. But beware! You can find everything in the feng shui literature. When researching, one must be aware of 2 things: on the one hand, the principles of feng shui have long been kept secret, with false information sometimes circulating with the true aim of misleading (not to mention errors due to translations)!  Moreover, when this thousand-year-old art became more democratic, it left Asia to reach the Western world, and, in doing so, was sometimes vulgarised to such an extent that what we find in books is not feng shui in the traditional sense of the term. I will prepare a feng shui bibliography with some books that I consider to be reliable sources.

Learn about feng shui

One can train in feng shui with the sole aim of being autonomous in implementing feng shui at home. There is no need to become an expert (in the professional sense) to follow a feng shui training. Moreover, once the principles have been integrated, it is necessary to carry out many expert appraisals, supervised, before being able to write a complete report.
I am myself a training organisation (under the number 11910930791). The training I am currently offering is a distance learning course, by video conference, individually or in small groups. I plan to prepare video modules in addition to the video, to make it easier to manage in my schedule. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

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