The Kua Number 2

Exactly one year ago, I wrote an article here on the Kua Number. It is the most successful article on this blog in my statistics! So I thought it would be a good idea to go deeper into the subject and write an article for each Ming Gua.

After the Kua Number 1, here is the 2!

Calculating the Kua Number

Here is a reminder to help you determine your Kua or Ming Gua Number.

For men born before 2000: 10 – last 2 digits of the year of birth
For women born before 2000: last 2 digits of the year of birth + 5

For men born after 2000: 9 – last 2 digits of year of birth
For women born after 2000: last 2 digits of the year of birth + 6

I also remind you that feng shui takes into consideration the Chinese solar calendar for which the first day of the year starts on February 3rd, 4th or 5th. So refer to the official calendar if the date of birth falls on these days.

Finally, if the result of your calculation is 5: if you are a man, your Kua is 2, if you are a woman, your Kua is 8.

Features of the Kua 2

The Kua 2 belong to the Kun trigram, the receptive.
It is a yin-yin-yin trigram.
Its element is the Earth.
It represents the mother.
Its season is autumn.
Its colours are yellow and orange.

The Kua 2 loves traditions, he tends to love the habits and customs and is therefore rather conservative. They are not impulsive and will weigh the pros and cons at length before making a decision. He likes to learn and has an excellent memory. Kua 2 people are very loyal, often putting their own needs before those of others (that’s what mums are for, isn’t it?). The Earth element can be either Yin or Yang. Here, it is yang earth: the rock, the mountain. As you may have guessed, Kua 2s are hard-headed, stubborn and inflexible. 

Le chiffre Kua 2

The Life Palace of Kua 2

The 2 corresponds to the South West.
This means that people with a Kua number of 2 have their Life Palace in the SW area of their home (according to the sectorisation done by applying the Bagua on the map).

Thus, as people of Kua 2 will be more in resonance with the energies of this SW sector, it is interesting for them to observe which room corresponds to this zone and which objects are in it. Depending on the result, this can give information about what the person is experiencing as great happiness or is currently going through as difficulties or challenges.

This important information can also be used when analysing the flying stars: a Kua 2 will also be more sensitive to the energies of the star 2 and to a Kua 2 house. Think of trigrams as vibrational frequencies: the 2 share the same!

Want to easily operate the favorable orientations mentioned in this article?

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The favourable directions of Kua 2

The Kua 2 belong to the Western group.
The 4 favourable orientations of the Kua 2 are:

  • Sheng Chi – Prosperity: North East
  • Yan Nian – Love and Longevity: North West
  • Tian Yi – Health: West
  • Fu Wei – harmony and stability: South West

These are the directions to turn to when cooking, working, watching TV, sleeping… It is on this basis that the Feng Shui expert will make recommendations for the placement of the sofa, desks or beds.

By definition, the other 4 directions are unfavourable so it is better to avoid them.

Compatibility of Kua 2 with other Kua

It is once again thanks to the existing relationships between the 5 Chinese elements that we will be able to determine how the Kua 1 interacts with the other individuals.

Kua 2 and Kua 2: being of the same element Earth, the two Kua are of course compatible. They get along very well.
Kua 1 and Kua 2: Earth controls water. The Kua 2 will seek to impose themselves. Also, water and earth people are not really compatible.
Kua 2 and Kua 3 or 4: Wood controls earth, but Kua 2 people do not like to be controlled! They will need to cultivate tolerance to get along.
Kua 2 and Kua 6 or 7: as the earth feeds the metal, these people understand and support each other. This is a productive relationship.
Kua 2 and Kua 9: it is known that fire feeds the earth, fire people (9) admire the Kua 2. They are allies, compatible.

Knowing your Kua Number allows you to know your favourable orientations but also the location of your Identity Palace: by exploiting these directions and this sector at best, you will benefit from the best energies.
The ideal is to go even further with a Bazi theme, which will complete this first approach. Contact me for more information! 😊

Le Chiffre Kua 2
Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

6 thoughts on “The Kua Number 2”

  1. Hello,
    This was very helpful. So should the head of the bed not be on a north wall? or if your a side sleeper and although the head of the bed is west when side sleeping your face is toward north. is that ok?

    Also what if your kua female and your front door is north? what is the remedy?

    1. Hello
      North wall is appropriate only for Est groupe (kua 1, 3, 4 and 9).
      What matters is the headboard, no matter is you are a side sleeper and no matter where your face is.
      I don’t understand your question about the front door. The orientation of the facade will manage others things than Kua number (flying stars).
      Have a nice day

  2. Hi
    My Kua number is 2
    The door in the office is south slightly west.
    Which side should my chair in the office be facing Northwest? So the chair should be situated in the southwest? If so I am not with a cross view to the door as should be in an office
    Thank you

    1. dear Kavita, you are mixing orientation and placement. The best orientation for you to face while sitting at your desk is the North East (Shang Chi) as it drives prosperity. But you can also face South West (harmony), West (health) or North West (relationship). You can be situated in any sector as long as you face one of your favorables directions. You’re right, the best place to be sitted is on the “power” state : cross view to the door. So don’t bother too much with the sector, prefer focusing on seing the door + favorable directions.

  3. Hi how are you!

    I am a feng shui enthusiast.

    1.- I am Kua nº2 and my headboard is directed to 330º NW, it is fine for me?
    2.- It is recommended to have a work desk facing a window?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hello Philip, your headboard is well directed as NW is your Yan Nian direction (which promotes love and longevity). And yes it is recommended to have a work desk facing a window as it gives you what we call a Phenix. If you can, try to also match the desk orientation with your Sheng Chi direction (North Est for you) to promote prosperity. And never face a wall 😉 Have a nice day ☀️

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