Noces de Jade

Today, my husband and I are celebrating 26 years of marriage, the Jade Wedding. And I’m firmly convinced that one of the reasons our marriage is so strong today is because of our home.

When I started applying the principles of Feng Shui to my home, we’d already been married for over 15 years. So you might think that, feng shui house or not, our relationship works anyway and that’s that.

But it’s more subtle than that. We’ve really seen a change of energy in our relationship. When we arranged our bedroom to cure my insomnia, it also had a super beneficial effect on our interactions. We’ve always communicated quite well together, but with the new vibes in our house, we’ve taken it to the next level.

But I was still very curious to check that these subtle changes were really due to feng shui.

Before I became a professional feng shui expert and made it my profession, I carried out a few assessments with ‘guinea pigs’, one of whom was a colleague of mine (I hadn’t left my job as a financial process expert at the time). She’d just bought a flat in the inner suburbs and despite her model height, pretty face, intelligence and charm, she was single.
I wrote my report with the intention that she should find love (this was one of her requests). She did the job, she took action: she changed furniture layouts, invested in a new duvet cover, put in place the activators and remedies…

Several weeks later, one morning at work, she put a post-it note on my desk with a date. I looked up at her and she said “It’s a date of birth, could you give me some pointers? He’s spending more and more time at my place…” She had found a lover! The last I heard, they were living together in her flat.

And then, of course, there’s my daughter. She still lives at home. She was 16 when she met her boyfriend. They’re still a close-knit couple today, which isn’t so often the case at her age…

So, on this special day for me, I just wanted to tell you that YES, feng shui can help you find LOVE if you’re single, and harmonise your COUPLE relationship if you have a partner. Incidentally, I’ve started writing my second book, and this is the theme I’ve chosen. 💕

If you need help, contact me, and we’ll talk.

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