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A feng shui bedroom for couples

Last Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. Do you belong to the “I celebrate” team or not? As I said last year in my article “Feng Shui and Love“, I don’t mind that Valentine’s Day has become a very commercial holiday. So much the better if it encourages people to talk about love a little more! Seeing pink hearts all over the place in shops or in the banners of websites is pretty cool, isn’t it?

Last week, in the Facebook group of Connected Hearts, I did a live chat about the energies of love. We talked a lot about the bedroom, it is indeed the room that will, in this context, attract all our attention.

It is thus for me the occasion to return on a subject which raises many questions: how to arrange a feng shui room for the couple?

I have therefore prepared a whole page of good advice and tips for not only arranging and decorating the couple’s bedroom but also activating the other areas of the house that have an impact on the energies of love.

I let you click on the button below, enjoy your reading!

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