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Like feng shui, numerology is an ancient art. It has existed for at least 2500 years. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras (570-490 BC) is believed to be the originator of the science of numerology. Pythagoras believed that numbers had unique vibrations and characteristics that influenced people and places alike.
Today, many people turn to numerology to find answers to their questions, including their life path.
A few weeks ago, a numerologist friend of mine offered me my karmic numerology chart and I can tell you that it is amazing. If you are interested in his services, let me know 😉
A few years ago, I tried to find out if numerology linked to the address of the house could have an influence on energy. I read a book by the feng shui expert Cathleen McCandles and I was able to test her approach which proved to be particularly relevant. Today I propose to give you the characteristics of the different numbers for numerology related to your house address. 

Fiding the numerology of the house

You simply add up the digits of the number given to the official address of your house.
You need to reduce the number to a single digit sum. So, if the sum of your house number is a two-digit number, then add the two digits until you get a single digit.

For example, if your address is 527 rue Louis Pasteur, do the following: 
Since 14 is a two-digit number, add the two digits together to get a single digit number: 1+4=5.
The numerology for this house therefore indicates a type 5 energy.

If your address has a number plus a letter, then you need to translate that letter into a number. You can use the following table:





































For example, if your address is 14B Boulevard des capucines, you will calculate: 1+4+2 and the numerology of your house will be type 7.

If you live in a flat, the number of the apartment will have more weight than the building address.
You live at 206 Jean Mermoz Street, flat 42C.
The numerology to be favoured is the following: 4+2+3 = 9.
The numerology of the building has less influence but can also be studied: 2+0+6 = 8.

Finally, when an address has a repeating number, this repeating number has a secondary influence.
For example: 7221 Allée des Rois.
 7+2+2+1=12 –> 1+2=3. This house will primarily vibrate with the energy of the number 3 but will also have a secondary influence related to the number 2. 

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Numerology: type 1 house

It is an ideal habitat for gaining independence. It is an optimistic, future-oriented number that focuses more on the aspirations and goals of the individual than on those of a collective (including the family). Couples moving into a #1 house should be aware of nurturing their relationship, as the energy can promote independence to the point of excluding a partner.
If the resident of a #1 house is single and wishes to attract a partner, or if the resident needs to find a partner for his or her business, then feng shui can be used to help anchor the partnership and couple energy by working in the southwest sector. It may also be advisable to place artwork and decorative objects in pairs throughout the house.
This makes it an ideal home for new beginnings. If a resident experiences a setback, he or she will easily find another avenue to explore. The important thing for residents of a #1 house is to set their intentions well, whether it’s a new job, a new business, a new sports program…
If you have recently set important new goals for your life or career, a Type 1 house may be the ideal place to achieve them. If the goal is to find love, then once your loved one is in your life, you may want to consider moving into a Type 2 house 🙂 

Numerology: type 2 house

In contrast to the type 1 house, the #2 house focuses on partnership and teamwork. It encourages cooperation in love, friendship and business. It is a wonderful house to share with a loving partner. This house makes one feel more emphatic. Women, in particular, should remember to take care of their own needs and be careful not to give too much to their spouse and/or children when living in a house of this type.
A #2 home can foster peace, harmony, creativity and an appreciation of the natural beauty of life. If you are looking for a home where you feel at peace, this is a very good choice. This house promotes relaxation, which can be accentuated through interior design by the use of soft lighting, candles, soft fabrics…

Numerology: type 3 house

A Type 3 home can improve communication. Residents are generally more likely to make phone calls, check email, receive visitors… There is a tendency to take short trips, throw impromptu parties and make new friends in a #3 home.
This house is perfect for people who like to have an active social life or to communicate in writing or verbally. The downside of this type of home is that residents can feel overly optimistic, almost carefree. Paying bills on time, keeping appointments, daily maintenance… 
To get the most out of a Type 3 home, provide comfortable spaces for conversation and entertaining. It’s an ideal home for a pool table, home theatre, games room or any other activity that promotes fun and fellowship.

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Numerology: type 4 house

House #4 offers a solid foundation and a sense of stability, as this number is associated with security, like the four sides of a square. It is an ideal house for anyone who wants a sense of protection.
People who live in a type 4 house or flat are often focused on work and responsibilities. As a result, the downside of such a home is that life can take on an overly serious tone. When living in a #4 house, it is important to get out of the house and have fun. Take a trip, go to the movies, or visit friends to avoid feeling like your life is all about the underground, work and sleep. This is especially important for teleworkers, who may be tempted to hang out laundry or vacuum during their break!
To lighten the sense of responsibility and add a bit of whimsy, be sure to include whimsical artwork and objects that promote feelings of fun and pleasure. Choose bright colours, cheerful pictures and playful objects.

Numerology: type 5 house

House #5 is the house of fiesta! It’s a house where life never stops moving, it’s the image of the whirlwind of life! This is a great house for the super active and for those who love to entertain.
If children live here, this house can become the place where all the kids in the neighbourhood want to hang out and play. Conversely, “taxi” parents may find themselves constantly driving their children to a multitude of extra-curricular activities, from football practice to guitar lessons…
Movement is also change: as the energy of the house encourages this, beware of taking a step back.  You have to think things through so that you don’t make hasty decisions that you might regret later.
Life can become chaotic and lack serenity. One way to calm the kinetic energy of a house #5 is to decorate in warm tones (nourishing the earth element) and to choose artwork that depicts peaceful and calm landscapes.

Numerology: type 6 house

House #6 is ideal for family life and raising children. It is, overall, a peaceful, loving and nurturing home. It is typically the kind of house that can be lived in by different generations, and can be lived in for decades.
So a Type 6 house is often a ‘homestead’, where a couple gets married, raises children, and even after the children grow up and move out, Mum and Dad stay in the house for thirty or forty years.
This house then becomes the place where the family can gather to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Family photos and memorabilia are a nice addition to the décor of this house. As with a Type 2 home, residents of a #6 home need to be aware that they need to take time for themselves in order to better care for others.

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Numerology: type 7 house

The #7 house has a philosophical type of energy. In fact, it can promote spiritual development. It is an ideal house for reflecting on the meaning of life. It is not necessarily the best place to live with a partner or to develop social relationships. 
People living in a Type 7 house prefer to stay at home rather than go out with friends. Even if they share the house with family members, they often like to spend time alone, reading or watching television. If you live in house #7 with a partner, it is important to get together from time to time, to have activities as a couple. Be careful not to damage a relationship by overindulging in individual interests.
Do not hesitate to display photos of friends, family and the couple throughout the house to balance the solitary side. It is important for people in a No. 7 household to accept invitations and go out, rather than embracing their homey side and becoming too withdrawn.

Numerology: type 8 house

In numerology as in feng shui, the number 8 is associated with abundance. Some people call it the “money number”. In China, the number 8 is considered to be a very good omen. Many Chinese go to great lengths to use the number 8 whenever possible. Remember the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on 8 August 2008 or 8/8/08. Even more powerfully, when all the numbers in the date were added up (8+8+2+0+0+8=26, then 2+6=8), the result was 8, making 8 August 2008 a particularly symbolic day for the Chinese.
However, just because you live in an 8 house does not mean that you will necessarily be rich. What it may mean is that the issue of abundance and money can come to the fore, whether you have it or not. So it will depend on your attitude to money. If you have a limiting belief about money, you will need to get rid of it before you can take advantage of the favourable energies of the 8th (just like with the flying stars). 
To get the most out of an 8’s house, you can decorate it with luxurious fabrics, thick rugs, artwork depicting lush landscapes, and rich tones such as royal blue, forest green, purple, burgundy and gold. This will increase the energy of success and abundance in the home. 

Numerology: type 9 house

9 is the number of universal compassion. People who live in a #9 home may find that their attitude towards humanity becomes more positively focused. Residents may become more philanthropic and willing to give back to others, such as preserving the environment or volunteering at a charity or shelter. It is also the number of completion, of winding up the loose ends and leaving the old behind to welcome the new. It is the end of a cycle.
A home #9 is a good place to identify what is useful and necessary in your life as well as what stands in the way of your growth. It is a home where people can decide to leave a career or relationship that no longer suits them.
To make the most of a house #9, include art and objects made from natural materials, as well as objects made by popular artists or craftspeople. Artwork that helps support cultural or humanitarian groups is also appropriate for a #9 house, as are images of world leaders or spiritual figures (best placed in the luck/mentors sector).

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Numerology linked to your address is like the natal chart of the flying stars, like your bazi chart: it indicates a higher probability of benefiting from such or such energies. Of course, it is not a question of moving if your house number does not suit you! Remember that each number brings with it specific experiences. And that in general, you did not choose your house by chance. So these experiences are probably the ones you need to have today. Whether or not you choose to make the most of these experiences is up to you.

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