Intérieur beige avec plante verte

Usage of plants in a feng shui bedroom

As this is a much talked about subject, it was my duty to answer the question precisely! “Oh my, but you put a green plant in your room, but it’s not going to head? Don’t!” And let’s add a layer to the mille-feuilles: and if the room is feng shui, is it worse or better or is it allowed?

You will have understood, I’m joking because it reminds me of the monkeys’ theorem: none of them knows why you shouldn’t climb the ladder to get the banana, but beware of the one who tries to do it, he gets pushed back by all the others!

In short, I have prepared a nice page to explain in detail how plants are managed in Feng Shui, especially in the context of the bedroom design:

  • plants in feng shui
  • the feng shui bedroom
  • the use of plants in the bedroom
  • which plants to choose

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