Maximising summer energy with Feng Shui

Summer is in full swing! It’s a time of long sunny days, balmy evenings and vibrant energy that seems to permeate everything. If you’re a Julyer, you’re already back from holiday. If you’re an Augustan, then you may be reading this article on the beach, sitting on your deckchair.

As I explained in my article on Bagua, the configuration of the Outer Sky used in Feng Shui associates a season with each sector. Summer is associated with the Li trigram and therefore with the South zone. Pretty easy to understand, isn’t it?

The Fire element symbolises passion and excitement. It’s associated with the sun, heat, energy and light. Summer is the perfect time to make changes that stimulate joy, inspiration and enthusiasm in your home.

Here are a few suggestions to help you maximise the energy of summer in your living space.

Invite in the light

Light is the essence of summer, so let it in! Open the curtains, clean the windows and create spaces where natural light can reflect and illuminate your interior. Mirrors are an excellent Feng Shui tool for amplifying light. Place one where it can reflect daylight and disperse this positive energy throughout the room.

Incorporate the Fire element

Summer is the season of fire, so why not incorporate this element into your decor? You can use candles (with citronella, if you like!). Red, pink and purple are the colours associated with this element. A few touches of red – such as cushions, a rug or works of art – can breathe dynamic energy into your space.

Live outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to connect with the outdoors. If you have a garden, terrace or balcony, make sure it’s welcoming and comfortable. Use plants to add life and colour. Create a space to sit and relax. Water fountains are also excellent for bringing a soothing, refreshing energy to your outdoor space.


Feng Shui teaches us the importance of a clean, well-organised space to allow chi, or energy, to flow freely. Take advantage of the renewed energy of summer to get rid of things that no longer serve you. By creating a more open space, you make room for new opportunities and experiences.

Refresh your space

The summer heat can sometimes become overwhelming. Bring a sense of freshness to your interior with light fabrics, cool colours like blue and green, and indoor plants. Fans can also help to circulate energy and refresh the space.

Summer is a season of joy, expansion and abundance. By following these tips, you can create a space that fully embraces these qualities. Take advantage of this beautiful season to bring positive energy to your living space and your life.

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