Implementing Feng Shui

I often receive emails or comments to which I respond carefully. These are usually quick questions about understanding a particular point in one of my articles or a Feng Shui principle in general. People thank me, they are happy and so am I.

Through this blog, through my posts on social networks, I give a lot of information. I give. It’s offered. But sometimes it’s not enough… Some people would like me to answer their problem in a detailed and personalized way. They forget one detail (which is not a detail): Feng Shui expertise is my professional activity, it is what I earn my living from! I am not a volunteer, nor do I run an association.

Moreover, even if some principles are common sense, or that one can apply certain things oneself rather easily, it is impossible to go in depth and to harmonize the energies in a perennial way without carrying out a complete expertise. And that is why my clients pay me to carry out an analysis.

As part of my internal linkage (a technical term that represents all the articles and pages of a website), I have written a page on “how to implement Feng Shui”:

  • call an expert for a complete expertise
  • call an expert for a feng shui audit
  • read books
  • get trained in Feng Shui

I let you click on the button to discover the content. Enjoy !

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

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