The 10 questions I am most often asked

In this week’s article, I propose to answer the 10 questions I am most often asked, whether before, during or after the expertise.

Feng Shui, how does it work?

Feng Shui is an ancient art, based on many observations. It is often compared to acupuncture because it works in the same way: we harmonize the energy flows of the environment, sort of meridians of the place, by bringing to the different sectors of the habitat what they need.
In order to carry out a relevant expertise, it is first necessary to establish a precise plan of the habitat in order to divide it into sectors. Then, the teachings of the different schools and the taking into account of the fundamental principles, will make it possible to establish a kind of energy map of the place: external and internal environment, elements necessary in such sector… Thus, the expertise leads to recommendations room by room, which will direct the choice of the colors, the forms, the materials but also the furniture (yin or yang) or the decorative objects (symbolic).

What does it mean to feed the sectors?

Feeding the different sectors of the habitat really means providing them with the food they need to thrive. Each sector (determined according to the cardinal orientation) has specific needs because it belongs to one of the 5 Chinese elements. Some elements should not be in this or that sector because they disturb the energies rather than nourish them.
For example, to nourish the East and South East sectors, we bring wood and water. Wood can be brought thanks to the wood element (solid wood furniture, green plants…), thanks to the green, beige or brown color, but also thanks to the rectangle shape.

In Feng Shui, is the compass mandatory?

The compass is not necessary for all schools of Feng Shui. For example, it is not needed for the study of landscape forms. It is also unnecessary for the Black Hat School (Tibetan school) where South and North are determined by the front door.
But for a complete, relevant and lasting expertise, yes, the compass is mandatory: to harmonize the energies according to the compass school and to know the flying star diagram, we need to know the orientation of the place to the nearest degree.

les applications du Feng Shui

Is it necessary to take into account the garage for the Feng Shui expertise?

It depends on the configuration of the premises.
If the garage is attached, forms a building that touches the house but is intended to be “next door”, then the garage need not be included in the survey. It is considered not to be part of the house.
If, on the other hand, the garage is integrated into the floor plan of the house, with a room on the second floor that builds on it (as is often the case in typical suburban homes), then the garage should be considered a room in its own right. Therefore, yes, it is included in the analysis.

Where should I put my bed?

The location of the bed is a question that comes up a lot. People have heard that the foot of the bed should not be in line with the door. Although the explanations given are sometimes questionable, the information is not inaccurate. The bed should not face the door, nor should it be under the window. Ideally, it should be against a solid wall. I let you read my article 5 tips for a Feng Shui bedroom for more info.

Should you sleep with your head to the north?

Well, it depends! Does it seem normal to you that the same rule applies to everyone? No ? Indeed, we are different and certain orientations are more or less favorable to us. The North is more adapted to the people of the East group. Which group do you belong to? It depends on your Kua Number!

To calculate it and to know your 4 favorable orientations, I let you read my article “the Kua number, what is it? The most suitable are harmony and health.

coussins sur lit

Does the house also have a Kua Number?

But yes! In fact, when we calculate our Kua Number, it is to know the trigram that characterizes us. The house also has its own trigram: it does not depend on the date of birth, but on the orientation of its facade. Be careful, the facade does not always mean the front door! As each orientation is linked to a trigram, one can determine the Kua of the house. A house facing South West for example, will have the trigram Gen and will have the Kua 2.

Is there always a remedy, a solution?

I am not one of those Feng Shui experts who will tell you that your marriage is doomed if you are not from the same group as your spouse (yes, it happens!). Nor will I tell you to hang a Bagua mirror over your front door to eliminate the shar chi linked to the electric pylon in front of it.
Some “remedies” are, to me, just folklore with no real effect.
But there is almost always a solution when a problem is encountered. In my practice, I concentrate on what can be done, on the stars that can be exploited, on the areas that should be focused on. There is no need to crystallize on elements that are outside of our field of action.

How long does a Feng Shui expertise take?

My methodology is like a millefeuilles. I start by studying the forms (the landscape), then the compass school, then the flying stars (Xuan Kong feng shui + Purple white scripts) then the dynamics of Chi and eventually the necessary manipulations…
It is as if I were adding filters as I go along, to end up with a superposition of elements to be taken into account which allow me, in the end, to give recommendations for interior decoration, placement of objects, arrangement of beds, desks, the stove, etc.
This whole study takes about 3 weeks. This is the standard deadline I give my clients when they sign the estimate.

plan avec pakua

How much does a Feng Shui expertise cost?

As you can see from the previous answer, doing a Feng Shui analysis takes time and requires a lot of organization and concentration. I provide you with a numerical report as well as all the plans corresponding to the various charts (sectorization with indication of the various elements, diagram of handling of the chi, plans with the flying stars…).
Moreover, in order to help you in the implementation of the recommendations, I prepare for you for each room images of inspiration and accompany you during 12 months by guiding you in your choices.
This represents between 15 and 20 hours of work. My estimate is established according to the surfaces, the number of rooms and the number of inhabitants. To give you an idea, the estimate will be about 1500€ for a couple living in a 50m² F2. It will exceed 2500€ for a large villa on two levels.
Receiving a Feng Shui expertise report for your home is an investment that will benefit all those who live there. In the same way, the expertises of the commercial places make it possible to install durably the most favorable energies for the success of the company.

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