Before/After toilets in the Metal zone

Here’s a new little article about a room transformation, a very small room… the toilet!
Unfortunately, the renovation bill is not proportional to the size of the room!

Here, the first thing to do was to remove the old floor tiles and also remove the old toilet, the choice having been made to replace the traditional toilet with a suspended toilet.

Suspended toilets make maintenance much easier: not only is it much easier to vacuum and clean the floor, but the cleaning of the toilet itself is facilitated, as the “foot” of a traditional toilet (and the pipework) often acts as a nest of dust.

To facilitate maintenance, it is also advisable to put tiles on the walls of the toilet, up to about 1m15 high. This allows at the same time to tile the entire structure hiding the frame. 

The toilet support frame is here of low height because the trapdoor in the wall had to remain accessible. It was therefore necessary that the formwork arrives below.

For the flush control plate, there are two possibilities: they can be positioned vertically or horizontally, as here. The advantage here is that when the bowl is raised, the latter does not hit the buttons (they remain accessible and are not hidden by the bowl).

As you can see on the plan above, the WC is located in the western area of the house.
As a reminder, the element related to the West is METAL. So the most appropriate colors for this room are white, gray, gold and silver.

Here, the tile on the walls and the frame is almost the same gray as the one chosen for the floor.

On the walls, above the tiles, we put a light gray non-woven vinyl wallpaper with glitter in the fiber (to reinforce the metal side).

The shelf was replaced by closed storage units, always favored in Feng Shui. They are two high elements in 60*40 placed in staggered. The first one allows to store the cleaning products, the second one hides the toilet paper rolls. I covered their front with patterned wallpaper using wallpaper paste. It works well on the first one, but on the second one, it will need to be reattached: can you see it’s curling? 

WC photo Avant WC zone métal
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