A feng shui flat

People who live in flats sometimes come to me and say that it’s easier to do it in a house. Why is that? Because there is usually more space, a garden, a path, etc. You could reason the other way around: more space, more rooms, a garden to maintain… it’s much more complicated 😉

I’m joking of course because you get it, it’s a false debate. Putting a Bagua on the plan of a flat or on the plan of a house doesn’t change much. What does change and make it more complex, at least from the point of view of the expert, is the surface area. Indeed, in a house, you can easily find yourself with a room (a triple living room, for example) that has 4 zones and 3 different elements…

To make it clearer, I have prepared a page on the feng shui layout of a perfect room. Nice, isn’t it? You just have to click on the button below to discover the content. Enjoy !

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