Feng Shui and Love

Next Monday is Valentine’s Day! 
Every year, we see the same scenario: there are the “pros”, those great romantics who take advantage of the occasion to offer themselves flowers and heart-shaped chocolates, and the “cons” who cry scandal about the commercial holiday. 
So I’m taking advantage of the news to write a little article on Feng Shui and Love. Are you ready? Let’s go !

Valentine's Day is coming soon!

I read a very interesting article on the Geo website, which explains the origins of Valentine’s Day. 
It all comes from a Roman celebration, the “lupercalia”: to put it simply, after sacrificing a goat in the caves of Lupercalia, the Lupercan priests sent two young men (dressed in a loincloth and armed with thongs cut from the goat’s skin) to run around Rome to hit the bellies of young girls who wanted to be mothers in order to make them fertile. That’s it. Can you imagine the scene? It would be completely mind-boggling today! That’s why the Christians decided to put things in order. The pagan festival was replaced by the Festival of Spiritual Love, the date of which was set for 14 February. 

Of course, today Valentine’s Day has a marketing and commercial side that can annoy some people. But in the end, is it so serious that some people need the excuse of this day to have a moment in love and celebrate their love? I say no. I’m clearly on the romantic team. And yet, my lover doesn’t wait for special occasions to give me a bouquet of flowers… 

What about single people now, or people who are unhappy in love in general? For them, it’s all nonsense, no doubt. A bit like the song “mon coeur, mon amour” by Anaïs, remember? “It’s dripping with love – It’s beautiful but it’s unbearable”. All I can tell you is that Feng Shui can really help you in your relationships, whether they are romantic or friendly for that matter. I’ll explain it all to you.

Love sector in South West

In feng shui, the home is divided into areas determined by their cardinal orientation (see my article on Bagua for more details). The area corresponding to the couple is in the South-West. It also corresponds to friendships and all forms of partnership.

This sector corresponds to the trigram of Kun the receptive one, it is the zone of the mother. Its number is 2. Its season is autumn. Its element is the Great Earth.

Thus, we can nourish this sector with Earth elements, whether it is the material (earthenware, pottery, sand, stones…), the colours (all the ranges of yellow and orange) or the form (the square). Fire elements will also be welcome as fire nourishes the earth (according to the production cycle of the 5 Chinese elements).

coeurs saint Valentin
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The couple's bedroom

As mentioned in my article on sleep and my article on the bedroom, the more time we spend in a room, the more its energies have an impact on our well-being. The bedroom is the room that most symbolises the love relationship.
The first thing is of course to make sure that the room is aired, tidied up and cleaned very regularly so as not to generate shar chi.
In a couple’s bedroom, we decorate in pairs: two bedside tables with two lamps, two photos of the couple (recent), two candles, two armchairs, etc. This also implies that the room is well decorated. 
This also means that you avoid putting things in threes, such as a triptych above the headboard… You should also avoid a mirror that reflects the bed.
If you don’t live as a couple but want to be, the room should also look like a couple’s room. The unconscious message should be: if my partner arrives tomorrow, I have something to welcome him. This way, we already make room for him to arrive.
The orientation of the bed should be chosen, if possible, according to the Ming Gua, with, in case of love problems, the choice of the favourable direction Yan Nian, the one which favours love.
Finally, it is the element of fire which symbolises love and passion, so it is possible to add a few touches to the room (especially if the element of the sector allows it). Blue, the colour of the Water element, should be avoided…

The good stars for managing relationships

In my article on flying stars, I explained that there are 3 types of stars: the time star, the front star (also called water star) and the sitting star (also called mountain star).
It is the latter that manages the energy of the relationships. So, using the numerical diagram, we will try to activate the favourable mountain stars of the period (at the moment and until February 2024, these are stars 8, 9 and 1). These stars are yin in nature, so make sure that a yang environment does not interfere with them. 

In 2022, the 4th star (in the South East) can also be particularly cherished as it favours success in relationships and especially in romance. Star 9 (in the South) is also favourable as it governs happy events. Also, check that these good stars are not in the broom cupboard…

Identifying your peach blossom

For those of you who are into astrology and like the exotic side of the Chinese zodiac animals, I have something for you: if you are single, or if you want to have more encounters of any kind (more social life, more friends), you need to identify your Peach Blossom.
Each person has a personal Peach Blossom star in their habitat. Using its energy can open the way to romantic possibilities in particular.
In my article on the Bazi, I explained the concept of heavenly trunks and earthly branches. In fact, to find the peach blossom, we need to identify the earthly branch of your birth year: this is your animal sign.
We also need the orientation of the habitat to the nearest degree so that we can determine in which zone (which of the 24 Bagua mountains) to activate this star.

Year branch

Zone to activate

  • Monkey – Rat – Dragon
  • Tiger – Horse – Dog
  • Pig – Hare – Goat
  • Snake – Rooster – Buffalo
  • Rooster: West 2
  • Hare : East 2
  • Rat : North 2
  • Horse : South 2

Once the area has been identified, a vase filled with clear water, a water-loving object or plant can be placed there. Bamboos, for example, are a good choice, as they combine water (star 1) and wood (star 4), while being quite aesthetic and easy to maintain. A nice bouquet of fresh flowers can of course be put in, if you have the budget to renew it very regularly. The water must be visible, so the container should preferably be transparent.

Be careful, if you are not single and you have a crazy charm, you may have to neutralise this peach star to avoid provoking equivocal situations that could damage your current relationship…

The symbolism of Love

Sometimes, without realising it, we surround ourselves with objects that carry a symbolism that is not in keeping with our relationships.
This may be due to the history of the object: one should avoid keeping the lamp or the duvet set given by the ex-mother-in-law, even if it is very nice. It is necessary to make room for a new story, to turn the page, and not to keep elements that link us to a past relationship.
This can also come from the symbolism carried by the object: we will choose to place objects in the South West and in the room that are symbols of a couple, of love, of union… So we’ll avoid single dancers or dunes from the Sahara… You don’t have to surround yourself with “love ducks”, those pairs of earthenware mandarin ducks, unless of course you love them. Any monogamous animal couple will do if you are more into penguins or lizards 🙂

That’s it! I hope these tips will help you ladies to find Prince Charming, and you gentlemen to find your soul mate. I wish all those who celebrate it a very nice Valentine’s Day!

Feng Shui et amour
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