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Feng Shui to cure insomnia

Today, I present a practical case: mine!

Do you know how I came to make a professional reconversion, in Feng Shui, after more than 20 years as an executive in a big company? It’s not because I suddenly thought that finance was no longer interesting. It’s not because of my commute time (15 minutes on foot!). There are two main reasons:

  • a quest for meaning
  • a revelation about feng shui

Many of us try to change careers after 40 years old, many of us don’t find as much meaning in our work anymore, many of us are looking for a job more in line with our deepest values. For my part, I have always been very connected with the natural environment and with places. This is one of the reasons why I love to travel so much: discovering new places, new landscapes, new people, new ways of living… fascinates me! And, of course, I’ve always been a fan of decorating!

In 2017, I celebrated my 10th anniversary of insomnia… Celebrating is a big word, it was not a happy occasion. I had tried many things but without success. And then Feng Shui came into my life. After my training, one of the first rooms I wanted to nourish and arrange was obviously my bedroom.

The layout of the room "before"

Expertise Feng Shui chambre parentale - Aude à la déco

Here is the configuration of the bedroom before change. This is a typical Kaufman & Broad master bedroom with the bed facing the door (and electrical outlets on either side).
We had a bookcase facing the bed, a full-length mirror was to the right of the window in the north area. 
For hull and textile colors: teak boat deck flooring, beige painted walls, orange and brown bedding and curtains. I don’t have a picture because I didn’t even think of immortalizing the “Before” (I didn’t know I was going to create this blog and change jobs!).

Bed orientation

The first thing I calculated was our Kua numbers. My husband is 3 (East group), I am 7 (West group). So he is Wood and I am Metal.
By the way, if a feng shui expert tells you that it’s a divorce waiting to happen because you don’t belong to the same group, run away! By the way, for a bazi chart analysis, the ideal mate has an element that controls your master of the day and a reversed polarity: I am Mistletoe (Yin Water) and my man is Wu (Yang Earth) so it’s perfect! 🥰

Anyway, so no divorce in sight but it is true that we belong to different groups. The consequence: we do not share any of our favorable orientations! But is it necessary to sleep head to toe? Of course not! Phew! 😉

Here, we favored the orientation of the one who has sleeping problems… Me!
When there are worries of insomnia, we try first, if it is possible of course in relation to the configuration of the room, the orientation Tian Yin, the one that governs Health. Being of Kua 7, it is for me the South West. It was impossible here. So we decided to try the Yan Nian orientation, which governs longevity and relationships. So the bed found its place to the right of the window and was turned 90°, while remaining in the North zone, the Tian Yi zone for him.

Chambre parentale vue lit - Aude à la déco

Bedroom decoration

The school of form showed a lack of a turtle. So we added a headboard to provide a little more support.
I printed on canvas with American case two beautiful black and white couple photos (from a “boudoir” session), a bit sensual so I’m hiding them from you 😉
We removed the bookcase (not ideal in a bedroom), and on this wall section, we placed a black dressing room. We also replaced the wooden dresser with a black one. We removed the mirror near the bed (in which I reflected myself at night). The nightstands are round (metal) because the earth (square) or wood (rectangle) are not ideal with the element Water.
For budgetary reasons, we did not change the floor, which is in perfect condition.

Most of the walls in the room are in the North (water) and North West (metal) zones, so they can be painted gray (metal nourishes water). The bed linen must be black (water). In the North West zone, we can bring a little yellow (earth) because it feeds the metal. This is what we did with the two armchairs and the wallpaper. The flowery pattern adds a little freshness to the gray. 

Finally, the North zone corresponds to the career for the 8 aspirations school. So I asked my mom to paint me a picture with the taiji symbol to illustrate my new activity. And I placed a star with lots of light bulbs on the north wall to make my success shine!

This decorating/configuration solved my sleeping problems! Within 10 days, by the time the energies settled, I was sleeping like a baby. I told myself that Feng Shui was really crazy and that everyone should have access to it!
It became my WHY. That’s why I decided to leave my job as an executive, that’s why I created my company, that’s why I want to help you make your home a life companion. Because, for you too, feng shui can change your life!

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

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