Is a Christmas tree feng shui?

Here we are, soon on December 25th, and perhaps you have asked yourself the following question: is a Christmas tree in my house feng shui? The question is relevant because a Christmas tree is pretty, we take pleasure in decorating it, it is often a nice moment of sharing with the children… yes but does that make it compatible with the feng shui principles? I will explain my point of view, there are several on the subject, it is my truth, you are not obliged to agree 😉

The symbolism of the Christmas tree

First of all, let us remember the symbolism of the Christmas tree. Its origin is pagan, the fir is a conifer and therefore its green is evergreen. In forests with bare trees, conifers keep their foliage and finally their needles: it is nature’s triumph over the cold of winter. December 25 was the winter solstice in the Roman calendar. Houses were decorated with fir branches. 

The symbolism of the Christmas tree is similar to that of the wood element in feng shui: it represents growth as well as the force of nature, life itself. The only thing that is a bit awkward is that in order to put a tree in your living room, it must be cut off from its external environment. And then what happens to it? It is left, with all its needles falling, on the frozen pavements in January… So if you can, choose a tree in a pot or a root ball so that it can be replanted after Christmas.

Which Chinese elements for the Christmas tree?

I have already destroyed all suspense… Of course, the Christmas tree, like all the green plants or bouquets of flowers you have in your home, represents the Wood element. But not only that! Yes, I’m sure you haven’t thought about its shape… How is the tree represented in a stylised way? Very often with a simple triangle! And to which element is the triangle shape associated? Fire!

The fire aspect of the tree is reinforced by the very yang energy of its decorations and lights. So, as you may have guessed, the fir tree will have its place in the sectors that need wood and/or fire.

Which areas to place the tree?

What is the area that loves fire and needs wood? The South of course! So if you want to put a Christmas tree in your house, the southern sector is the most suitable. It is very often located in the living room, which is particularly practical, isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine putting the Christmas tree in the bathroom!

There are two other choices: the areas that need wood, i.e. the East and the South East.
In this context, I put the emphasis on the material and not on the colour. But if you have no choice and you have to place the tree in another area, decorate it with the colours of the element in the area. For example, in the West, choose a white tree and hang gold balls, silver garlands, in short, anything that represents the metal element.

Circulation of chi and Christmas tree

Personally, the question of the sector in which to place the tree comes second: I attach more importance to the circulation of chi. Indeed, as we have seen, the tree can nourish the South, East and South East sectors, but if you cover it completely with metal decoration, it will also find its place in the West and North West. 

However, if you bump into the tree every time you walk through the living room, the arrangement is a problem. It is important to choose a tree with dimensions adapted to the room: do not be bewitched by a tree 2m high and 1m50 in circumference if you live in a studio. This goes without saying and seems like common sense, but sometimes you can be surprised 😉 

The tree is only there for one month… but one month can be very long, when the place we have given it is not in coherence with the free circulation of energies.

So, feng shui or not feng shui the Christmas tree? As you may have guessed, in keeping with my desire not to stigmatise anything, I was certainly not going to tell you two days before Christmas Eve that you should remove your Christmas tree from your living room straight away!

On the other hand, you now know that it is possible to respect the feng shui principles by placing your tree in the right area, by bringing the appropriate decorations, by making sure that the circulation remains fluid, and by keeping it “alive” so that its energies are compatible with the sparkle of the moment.

I wish you wonderful family moments! Happy Christmas Eve to all!

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