How to create a feng shui logo for your business

Are you starting a business and obviously want to succeed? You already have a business and you want to increase your turnover and keep it growing? Feng Shui can help you! It can help in many ways:

  • feng shui design of the business premises
  • feng shui assessment of the entrepreneur’s home
  • bazi analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneur
  • feng shui recommendations for the company’s graphic charter and logo

Today, let’s talk about the logo, an essential element that gives your company its visual identity.

Importance of the logo

Feng shui or not, a company should always have a logo. It is the visual extension of it. There are several types of logos:

  • the text alone, without image, without symbol (ex: google)
  • the symbol which, even without text, is recognisable (e.g. Apple’s apple)
  • the combination of symbol and text (e.g. small boat)
    monograms or initials (e.g. Volkwagen, IBM)

A logo must enhance your company but also resemble you so that you can embody the same values. 

It must be modern, in line with current trends, but not too “fashionable” either, because it must last over time, even if it is always possible to make it evolve (here is a very interesting article on how brand logos have evolved over time).

It must be original so that your customers or prospects can recognise you at first glance. We want it to be readable, both in terms of the text (pay attention to the typography) and the image (not too many details). It should look as good big as it does small, in colour as well as monochrome.

Finally, even if you wish to base the design of your company’s logo on a feng shui expertise, the expert’s recommendations must not obscure the graphic codes already associated, in the collective unconscious, with your activity. For example, you wouldn’t choose red for a spa, would you? Instead, you would choose green to evoke well-being.

logo Aude à la déco

What is a feng shui logo?

Now that we’ve established the fact that we need a logo, what does it mean when I talk about a feng shui logo? A company is not an abstract entity. Whether it is a EURL or a SME, it is carried by its manager. This is a little less true for a large corporation or an international group, since the CEO rarely decides alone. For the purposes of this exercise, let’s focus on small and medium-sized companies where the strategy, vision and growth are driven by the chairman, the manager, in short, the boss.

For me, there are two ways of introducing feng shui into the creation of the logo:

the simplest method, which consists of basing oneself on the boss’s Kua number
and the more complete method, which is based on an analysis of the BaZi

For the first method, we first calculate the Ming Gua of the boss according to his date of birth. Then, we deduce what is his favourable orientation for prosperity. The theory of the 5 elements is then used to choose the appropriate colours and shapes.

The second method is more complete. It refers to an analysis of BaZi also called “the Four Pillars of Destiny”. Here, the profile of the entrepreneur is not only based on the year of his or her birth (as is the case with the Kua calculation). BaZi goes deeper because it requires knowing the exact date and time of birth, and also the place. It allows us to know the favourable and unfavourable elements of an individual and also to determine which is his wealth element. Once these elements are identified, the logic is the same as for the first method: the logo will be defined according to the appropriate shapes and colours.

It is also important to know that each activity, regardless of the entrepreneur, can be assigned to one or more elements. This may be necessary in the case of an association or a collective, for which an analysis centred on the boss would not be relevant.

couleurs logo aude à la déco

Feng shui logo: the choice of colours

The choice of colours for a feng shui logo will always be based on the colour or colours corresponding to the element: 

if the first method is used, then it is the element that corresponds to the favourable Sheng direction.
if one bases oneself on the conclusions of a BaZi analysis, then it will be the element(s) deemed “favourable”. 

Metal element: the colours of Metal are white, grey, gold and silver. 

The Wood element: the colours of Wood are green and brown. 

The Water element: the colours of Water are blue and black. 

The Fire element: the colours of Fire are pink, red and purple. 

The Earth element: the colours of Earth are yellow and orange. 

Feng shui logo: the choice of the shape

The choice of shape for a feng shui logo will always be based on the shape corresponding to the element: 

if the first method is used, then it is the element that corresponds to the favourable Sheng direction.
If the first method is used, then it is the element that corresponds to the favourable Sheng direction. If the second method is used, then it is the element that corresponds to the favourable BaZi analysis. 

The Metal element: the shape related to the Metal element is the round.

The Wood element: the shape related to the Wood element is the rectangle. 

The Water element: the shape linked to the Water element is the undulating, curved shape.

The Fire element: the shape related to the Fire element is the triangle.

The Earth element: the shape related to the Earth element is the square.

If you want to add a non-abstract symbol (a flower, a key, an animal…), beware of the hidden meaning. It might not correspond to the values of the company. Also beware of hidden shapes. For example, I didn’t need a fire element in my logo, so I couldn’t put a drawing of a house with a roof, as the roof is shaped like a triangle.

construction du logo

The example of the Aude à la Déco logo

Let’s take my logo as an example, it will be easier for you to understand how we can apply these feng shui principles to the creation of a company logo.

I am a Wood Tiger, with a Kua 7.
My Sheng direction is therefore North West, which corresponds to the element METAL.
With the simple method, white, grey, gold and silver are the colours I should use to create my logo. The shape should be round.
I can also add some EARTH colour to feed my metal.

To have a more detailed analysis, I did a BaZi analysis. This analysis revealed 2 favourable elements: METAL and WATER. 
There is no coincidence: I have been in management and finance for more than 20 years. Management belongs to the Water element, Finance to the Metal element. I am going into entrepreneurship, which also carries the characteristics of Metal. Feng shui is considered to be home medicine, medicine is related to the Water element. Decoration, and everything related to the habitat, is associated with EARTH. I am a wood tiger but my chart already has a lot of WOOD, so it is not a favourable element in the BaZi sense. On the other hand, it is still my essence (the wood element is linked to creativity, design, writing, architecture…).

As said above, these analyses should not obscure the graphic codes of the collective unconscious. As a feng shui expert and wellness decorator, I sell wellness.  I cannot therefore ignore green, which corresponds to the WOOD element. 

So I chose 2 main colours for my logo and the graphic charter of my website: grey (metal) and green (wood). To nourish the metal, I chose orange, an earth element which also allows me to have a call to action colour (button). As fire is the element that constrains metal and controls wood, I did not want its presence in my logo.

My logo is round, characteristic of metal.
In terms of symbolism, I wanted to evoke the taiji (symbol of yin and yang): I therefore designed two interlocking parts. The grey part, with its swirl, represents the wind. The other part forms a drop (with a gradient of blue and green) which evokes water. Yes, “feng” means “wind” and “shui” means “water” 😊 . 
You know everything!

To conclude on the feng shui logo

As we have seen, a company’s logo is not neutral, it conveys its image and carries a symbolism. Also, when it is worked with feng shui, it is even more in resonance with the head of the company.

This is a good start, but it is not enough. For a company to flourish, the boss must also put all the chances on his side. To do this, he can call on a complete feng shui expertise that will enable him to harmonise the energies in his professional premises and, for even greater efficiency, in his home.

If you want to maximize the chances of success of your business, you will have understood, call a feng shui expert, contact me!

épingle logo feng shui
Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

5 thoughts on “How to create a feng shui logo for your business”

  1. Hi, mi name is Silvia and I would like to creat a logo for a spa.
    I am currently working but I am moving and wanted to creat a logo to start my own Bussiness for facial care and body work.

    1. Hello Silvia. This is a great project !😉
      If you want to create a logo that is connected to who you truly are, you can base colors and shapes on your favorable elements based on a BAZi analysis. Don’t hesitate to come back to me by mail if you want me to perform your bazi theme.☀️

  2. Irena Skarica

    Hi there,

    I was fashion designer and after many years of doing another job I am coming back as fashion designer. And I’m so exicted!
    My surname means small scissors. Since both facts I would like to put scissors in my logo of brand.
    Is it good idea?
    With kind regards,

    1. Dear Irene, the scissors have a symbolism linked to skill and determination. But they are also sharp. If it is truly an accessory dear to your heart then its representation is for you full of positive vibes, you can foresee it in your logo.
      But what will matter more is that scissors represent the element of metal. Only the bazi theme can tell if metal is a positive element for you or not…

      1. Irena Skarica

        Dear Auda,
        Thank you very much for your quick reply!
        I will check what is my bazi theme.
        Hope that metal will suits for me.

        With kind regards

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