Fostering abundance through Feng Shui

Feng Shui can help you welcome abundance into your life. I am talking about abundance in the broadest sense, so I think it is necessary to define the concept a little more precisely. I will then show you which levers are used by the Feng Shui expert to favour an environment that is favourable to it.

A definition of abundance

The dictionary tells us “Great quantity, resources greater than needs…”, “ease procured by important resources”…
Abundance has many facets, it is not only about money or wealth. We can experience prosperity in our relationships, in the many opportunities available to us, in the skills we have acquired, in moments of joy, in greater well-being and health, etc.
So when abundance is “worked” in feng shui, it is in all its forms. We will focus on the zone assigned to it (the South East) but also, as we shall see, on the zones of the home that represent these different aspects.

Abundance in the South East

In feng shui, the habitat is divided into sectors determined according to their cardinal orientation (see my article on Bagua for more details). To promote abundance in our lives, according to the 8 aspirations school, our efforts should mainly concern the South-East zone of our habitat.
This area corresponds to the trigram of Sun the Gentle, the first daughter. Her number is 4. Her element is the small wood.
According to the principle of the cycles of the 5 elements, we can nourish a zone by bringing its own element, the element that nourishes it, and, in small doses only, the element that controls it.
Thus, we will harmonise this sector by bringing wood elements to it. This can be the material (wooden furniture and objects, real green plants…), the colours (all ranges of green and brown) or the shape (the rectangle). Water elements will also be welcome as water nourishes the wood.
This is very coherent with the symbolism of the colour green, which, for everyone, is the colour of renewal and nature: what better example of abundance than nature in spring?

Other Feng Shui sectors

As it is all about balance in feng shui, one cannot focus on only one zone to promote abundance in general. The South East is often referred to as the “money” zone because it is indeed more specifically related to financial abundance.
But as we have seen, it will also be necessary to take care of the areas that contribute to any kind of prosperity.
For example, for some people, attracting abundance will be through opportunities, encounters… And in this case, we will look carefully at the zone related to luck and mentors, the North West. It can bring prosperity through external help. Receiving abundance also means knowing how to listen and welcome new things. It’s not just waiting for the cheques to arrive in the mailbox!
Another example, for more friendships in your life, you will need to work on the area located in the South West sector of your house.

Wealth symbols

The symbolism of objects is powerful, they are never neutral for the feng shui expert. We can therefore also work on the South East zone by placing jewels, a safe, coins, a master painting, a rare piece of furniture, any valuable object that will have the connotation of wealth. We can also work with animal representations: we will choose the famous goldfish, but also the cat, the dolphin or the bison.
I won’t mention all the objects I call “chinoiseries”: amulets, Buddha of wealth, convex mirror, toad, Chinese lions… Unless you are already immersed in oriental culture, they are of no help for our western interiors.

billets de banque euro
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Abundance and the Flying Star School

Feng Shui does not talk about gold bars or stock market shares. The notion of abundance and prosperity is very broad in Chinese culture, we wish to favour finances of course, but, in equal proportion, health and relationships. If you refer to my article on the school of flying stars, you will understand that these are the 3 aspects managed by the water and mountain stars.
Here, we adopt a more traditional feng shui (the 8 aspirations feng shui being considered as new age feng shui), where the sector of abundance is in fact the sector of “vibrant chi”, the wang chi: it will not be the south west for all habitats. It is the personal numerical chart of the house that will indicate where the chi of wealth is located.
In period 8 (the current period), the water star 8 (front star) should be sought. If it is impossible to activate this star because of the configuration (area outside the living space), one should concentrate on the secondary wealth stars, namely 9 and 1.

Abundance and the relationship to money

Your sectors are nourished, everything is balanced, and yet your bank accounts end up in the red? Then the problem may lie in your own relationship with abundance: is money a taboo subject for you? Do you think you deserve wealth? Do you always think in terms of lack? Indeed, your mental projections around abundance are powerful enough to thwart the good energy that feng shui installs in your home. So take care of your mind too!
Here, we leave feng shui to appeal to what we call the universal laws, notably the law of attraction or the law of balance.
Personally, in addition to the harmonization proposed by feng shui (zone work + flying stars), I cultivate abundance through generosity and gratitude. I deeply believe that before being able to receive, one must know how to give, and that, on all occasions, one must be grateful for everything one receives.

Favoriser l’abondance grâce au Feng Shui
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