Feng Shui for Travel

Whether you dream of going on a romantic trip, renting a holiday home this summer with your tribe or going on a pleasant business trip, Feng Shui can help you. Indeed, it is in all cases to receive the best possible energies to facilitate these trips:

  • activating the best energy to make these trips possible
  • take feng shui in your luggage

I suggest to go around the question in this new article. Let’s go!

Nourish travel sectors

To help achieve travel goals, the first thing to do is to nurture the Northwest sector. It is associated with good luck, helpful people, mentors and also travel.
You’re getting used to what it means to nurture a sector, but at the risk of repeating myself, I insist: first, we make sure we clean and de-clutter the area. Then we bring the elements it needs: if it is a metal area, we choose objects made of iron, bronze, pewter, aluminium (vase, pedestal table, sculpture, clock…), we decorate the walls with grey, white, gold or silver tones, we choose round shapes. Earth feeds metal, so don’t forget a few notes of yellow, orange or terracotta.

Another sector to consider is the West, as it is associated with projects. The dream of a great journey can be a real life project! You can feed it with exactly the same elements as it is also a metal zone.

If you find it difficult to put aside money for your holidays or if you dream of going on a world tour, take care of the sector linked to money and abundance: the South East. Unlike the two previous sectors, be especially careful not to put any metal in it and check that all the green plants in it are in good health.

Finally, pay attention to where your suitcases are stored. At the top of the cupboard, in the attic? Pfff, change that right now! If you want to travel then make your luggage accessible and visible. 

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Surround yourself with travel photos

I’ll tell you more about the visualization board another time, which is an extremely powerful tool. Even if you don’t have one or don’t know how to do it, you can still use the visualization principle: surround yourself with pictures and images representative of the destinations that make you dream. 
When I want to help me make a trip a reality, I surf the internet looking for the most beautiful images. I copy and paste them onto a blank document and then print it out. Finally, I put the sheet through the laminator and carefully cut out each picture. This way I can pin or clip them to any surface. Each time I see them, I say thank you and tell myself that it will be soon.

You can also put the most beautiful picture on your mobile phone or computer wallpaper… The most important thing is not to “trivialise” this photo, it is to connect to the place and to feel in advance the joy that we will feel when finally this destination will be accessible to us, a little bit like if you had taken this photo yourself at the very moment, as if it was already there…

A feng shui suitcase

I’m not going to talk about how to pack your clothes in the suitcase, although I can’t advise you enough to fold your shirts and roll your trousers like Marie Kondo. It makes packing much easier!

In feng shui, the colour red is the colour of protection. It is also the colour of success. It is therefore advisable to have a red suitcase so that you are not only protected throughout your journey, but also to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Even though red dissipates negative energies, I also advise you not to take chances and to have a lock on your luggage, ideally TSA systems. 
If you already have a suitcase and don’t want to change it, attach a red ribbon to the handle. I’m sure you’ve seen ribbons or charms attached to suitcases that scroll across the carpet when returning luggage after a flight… Now you know why 😉

What are the feng shui essentials to put in your suitcase (in addition to your swimming costume and sarong!) :

  • a spray with essential oils (fine lavender, Roman chamomile…) to spray in the hotel room and/or on your pillows
  • a travel candle to add a little yang to your room
  • a small bluetooth speaker to listen to your music
  • earplugs
  • a night mask
  • a shell, a St Christopher or any other amulet to bring luck and protection (if that speaks to you of course)
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Feng Shui and hotel room

Hotel rooms can be a real source of inspiration in terms of feng shui decoration. They are often decorated in pairs (two identical bedside tables, with the same lamps, etc) and are neither too masculine nor too feminine. Finally, the yin & yang balance is relatively well respected.
However, the atmosphere is a bit too yin, simply because of its use: people generally go there to sleep rather than to party! So it is important to add a little yang to it. That’s why I advised you to put a travel candle in your suitcase: by lighting it, not only do you bring yang energy into the room, which will encourage meetings and interactions (the energy of the fire element), but it will also bring a scent that will make you feel at home. Being able to listen to music, with quality sound, is not always possible. Rather than having the unbearable hum of the hotel TV, plug in your bluetooth speaker!

When I book a hotel room, I try if possible to ask for a room with a view. It’s not just a question of visual comfort. Remember the school of forms ? It brings you a “phoenix”: it too will encourage meetings and opportunities throughout your stay. If you are sensitive to this type of energy, as I am, then it is often worth paying the small extra fee to avoid the room that overlooks the air conditioning of the neighbouring building.

To sleep well, in addition to earplugs and a night mask which may be necessary, don’t forget to unplug the alarm clock if the light bothers you, and to cover any mirror with a pareo.
Perhaps in a few years, we will be able to book a “feng shui” room as we would a “sea view” room? 

Personal directions

In your bedroom, at home, if you have followed my advice, you may be sleeping in your most favourable direction today. How do you do it in a hotel? Should you move the bed? No. You will not stay long enough for the direction to really influence your sleep. So I advise you not to even look at the compass. Of course, if you are staying in a gite for 3 months, try to respect your directions as much as possible. I remind you that you can determine them by calculating your Kua number.

I read an article a long time ago that gave all sorts of instructions for travelling in the direction of your favourable directions.
Basically, if you are from the East group and you live in Paris, it is better to go to Brittany because what counts is the direction from which you come. Once you arrive in Paimpol, you will be coming from the East, so it’s all good!
Extrapolating the method according to the 4 directions, this means that for those with a Kua in the East group (1, 3, 4 and 9) you should reach the destination from the East, South-East, North or South. For those who have a kua equal to 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8, therefore from the west group, it is better to arrive from the west, south-west, north-west or north-east.
Erm… So I’m from the west group, and I arrived in Marseille last week, I shouldn’t have taken the A6 motorway as I come from the north! As you can see, I’m not a fan of these principles, which seem so difficult to apply that they become far-fetched.

I hope these tips will help you to travel in better conditions. One last thing, leave behind a clean house, with the grocery cupboards full but the fridge emptied of all perishables: this is the energy of abundance that you will find when you return 🙂 

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