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Last Tuesday was the day of the new moon and therefore the first day of the Chinese year. As the Chinese calendar is lunisolar (see my article 2022 Year of the Tiger), the position of the sun is also important: tomorrow will be the beginning of the solar year. So it’s time to make the stars fly!

The Flying Star School

I had devoted a complete article to the Flying Star School. To make a quick summary, it is important to remember that it is a method that studies how time and space impact our daily lives.
We therefore need the cardinal orientation of the place (to the nearest degree) but also the date of its construction (to make it simple, because there are differences of opinion concerning the date to be taken into account: watertightness, first move in, laying of the roof, etc).

The cross-referencing of these two data allows the determination of the habitat’s numerical diagram. It is expressed by the arrangement of the 9 numbers of the Lo Shu square in the 9 sectors. This first diagram is the native energy map of the place, it does not change (again, to keep it simple, as removing the roof for example would change the period of construction).

Each sector will have 3 numbers representing the water star (front star), the mountain star (base star) and the time star.

The annual stars

Each solar year, the stars change their place and one of them becomes dominant and is therefore placed in the central palace.

They take it in turn. The numbers follow each other with the years in descending order.

The calculation formula is as follows: add up all the numbers of the current year and simplify to one digit then subtract the result from the number 11.
Thus in 2022: 2+0+2+2 =6 so 11-6 = 5.
It is the 5 that is in the central palace this year. The other stars rotate in the same sequence as the natal star.

The other annual stars can affect the habitat in 3 ways:

  • it can affect the existing relationship between the water, mounting and time stars in the initial diagram.
  • it can activate a combination if its phase generates the phase of the mountain or water star in question.
  • it can also assist the initial mountain or water star if it has the same number as the stars in question.

The annual stars are therefore added to the initial diagram, but have less weight.
The problem is that not all stars are nice. Therefore, a Feng Shui expert will look at the position of a particular annual star for the current year to see if a remedy is needed, or if it needs to be activated even more to benefit from its beautiful energies.
Here are the positions of the stars in 2022:

Etoiles 2022

Typology of stars

The annual stars have their own characteristics.

Let’s start with the favourable stars:

1 – The Celestial Gift Star

Good reputation, wisdom, intelligence, love… all good things. It is strengthened by the elements Water and Metal.

4 – The star of success

Success in studies, in relationships. It favours learning and romance. It is strengthened by the elements Wood and Water.

6 – The celestial star

Success if perseverance, power, authority, professional changes. It is strengthened with the elements Metal and Earth.

8 – The star of prosperity

Wealth, fame, happiness… It is strengthened with Earth and Fire elements.

9 – The Multiplier Star

Good news, promotions, popularity… It is reinforced with Fire and Wood elements.

The not so nice stars now :

2 – The Star of Illness

Health problems, loss of money… Control it with Metal and Wood. Avoid the elements Fire and Earth.

3 – The star of disputes

Lawsuits, slander, quarrels… Control it with Fire and Metal. Avoid the elements Water and Wood.

5 – The star of bad luck

Generally speaking, it brings bad news, so avoid its sector and avoid renovation work. Control it with Metal and Wood. Avoid the elements Fire and Earth.
It is also called the Yellow Five. This year it is in the centre, as if locked up, so it has little influence.

7 – The Star of Violence

Volatile emotions, disputes, theft, injuries… Control it with Fire and Water. Avoid the elements Earth and Metal.

The 4 afflictions

The Yellow Five is one of them.  In addition to this, there are 3 other afflictions: the Grand Duke Jupiter, the Breaker of the Year and the 3 massacres (3 nefarious). 
The position of these 3 afflictions changes every year. The first 2 cover a mountain (so only 15° on the Pakua) while the 3 nefarious ones cover a 90° section.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is the God of the year. In 2022, it is therefore the Tiger (Yin). He sits in NE3 (52.6 – 67.5°). You should therefore avoid disturbing him with work, new developments or even loud David Guetta. You must not confront him. To get his support, you should prefer the SO3 orientation where his enemy the Monkey is located.

As a result, this SO3 sector contains what is called the Year Breaker (Sui Po). The sector extends from 232.6° to 247.5°. You should also avoid making too much noise in this sector, whether by renovations, new developments or wild parties.

The 3 harmful ones in 2022 cover the extended North, i.e. from NW3 (322.5°) to NE1 (37.5°). Likewise, work in this area is avoided. We can limit their effects thanks to the Earth (which destroys the North Water) and thanks to the wood (which solicits the water).

As far as I am concerned, I only take these afflictions into account for the planning of the works. Last year, for example, the 3 afflictions were in the extended East. I therefore waited until 2022 to undertake the necessary work in my son’s room which contains the E3 and SE1 sectors. Now we can get on with it 😉

étoiles annuelles 2022
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