Panoramic jungle wallpaper

I often look for panoramic “jungle” wallpapers that would be compatible with the recommendations of Feng Shui. Indeed, if we want to respect the cycles of the 5 elements, it is not so simple… I recommend jungle effect wallpapers to feed the sectors where the wood element is necessary. It can be in the East or South East zone, but also in the South zone to feed the fire. The concern with many jungle wallpapers is that the pattern is indeed plant, but the colors do not respect the color code of the wood element (in Feng Shui): beige, brown and green.

Take for example this Paradise Jungle wallpaper from Graham and Brown:

Paradise Jungle Graham and Brown

The pattern is plant, no doubt, but the gray gradient is part of the metal element: also, we finally put metal in the wood area, which is absolutely not recommended …

Sometimes it’s the atmosphere that is not there: the pattern is nice but the atmosphere is dark, gloomy … Who wants to get lost in the forest at nightfall?
This is the case with this wallpaper found at Redro :

This summer we redid my son’s bedroom. It is located in the East zone, so I was looking for a plant-like pano to cover the wall representing his headboard. I’ll show you the before/after result in another post (what a tease!). 

I tested for the first time the website Papier Peint Panoramique which offers custom pano. When you only have one wall to cover it’s ideal.
You indicate the width and height of the wall and the pattern is positioned on the left.
You then choose your width of strips: I chose the size “large” which allowed me to obtain only 3 strips. 
You can move the window with the blue outline to center (or not) the pattern on your wall. 

Papier Pedro peint Deep Tropical Forest in Darkeness

For my son’s room, I chose the “beige Jungle” model (with a beige background, so wood and not white, so metal!) Ordered on July 4th and received on July 9th. The 3 strips are numbered to facilitate the installation.

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