Sleeping issues: Feng Shui solutions

One of the benefits of feng shui is that it can help you to improve your health or maintain the current level if it is satisfactory.

Feng Shui can help you improve the quality of your sleep, it can even help you get rid of your insomnia or night waking worries completely. How to solve sleep problems with feng shui? First, the expert will make personalized recommendations for the placement of the bed and the layout of your bedroom, while analyzing the circulation of chi in the room. Then, he will check that the yin and yang balance of the room is respected. Finally, he will nourish the area(s) with the right colours, shapes and materials.
I explain everything in detail.

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How to position the bed for better sleep?

To promote sleep, we often hear that you should have your head in the north. The feng shui expert will tell you that this is true… but only for people in the East group with a Kua number equal to 1! It would not be logical that we are all sensitive to the same energies, would it?

Your Kua number is your personal trigram. Like a guardian angel, it knows what is good for you. In particular, it knows which directions are favourable to you. This knowledge is essential in the bedroom: ideally, the bed should be positioned so that the sleeper’s head is pointing in the direction of Fu Wei, the direction that promotes harmony. If this is not possible due to the configuration of the room, then one of the three other favourable directions should be favoured.
To calculate your Kua number and to know your 4 favourable directions, I let you read my article “the Kua number, what is it?

You have just done the calculation and you realise that you and your spouse are not part of the same group! You could solve the problem by sleeping head to toe or by sleeping in separate rooms… I’m joking, of course! How to reconcile East and West? By calling on a feng shui expert who will be able to remove this difficulty and propose satisfactory compromises, that’s his job.

How to take care of your sleep with a feng shui room?

In feng shui, the design of the room does not stop at the orientation, that would be too easy. The chi circulates in any room, it should not be too powerful when it reaches the bed. Thus, we should avoid placing the bed in the window-door flow (the foot of the bed should not face the door), nor in front of a window (as we see so often in American films, each time I jump up and down on my sofa).

The headboard should also not be placed against the wall where the door is, nor against the bathroom wall.
For your children, you can also understand that bunk beds are not conducive to sleep, either for the one on the bottom (with the “danger” of an upper bed base above his head) or for the one on the top, a little too close to the ceiling and who also risks falling!

With all these constraints, let’s try to summarise what needs to be done to avoid sleeping problems:

the bed should be placed diagonally to the door
against a “free” wall
far enough away from the window.
If it is not possible to place the bed in this way and still respect your favourable orientation, then favour the latter. 

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How to respect balance in a feng shui room?

As you know, one of the fundamental principles of feng shui is the yin and yang balance. By definition, the bedroom is a room in which one rests. The dominant energy level should be yin. Therefore, one should avoid over-activating the room with too many bright colours, with too many knick-knacks carrying different energies or even with green plants, powerful symbols of yang energy.

Flowers and plants can be used on a very occasional basis, for example during a convalescence, when the sick person needs an extra boost of energy.

Aquariums should also be avoided. In general, water objects are not conducive to a good sleep (and then it extinguishes the fire of passion, so …).

Eliminate shar chi to avoid sleep problems

In my article on Chi, I explained that there are two kinds: sheng chi, the positive, and shar chi, the negative. Of course, in order to limit sleep disorders, we must reduce all shar chi to zero as much as possible. This means anything that might attack our senses: clutter, a pile of dirty laundry on the floor, work files on a chair, too much dust on surfaces, sheets that are not washed regularly enough… but also a television, which has no business being in the bedroom, sorry!

It is also ideal not to sleep under beams. If you have no choice, then you should paint the beams the same colour as the ceiling to reduce the effect of waves and pressure.

You should also avoid shelving or sharp corners of furniture that would “aim” at the bed. In feng shui, these represent arrows that could hurt you.

Finally, be careful with the mirror! It is quite possible to put a mirror in a room, and it is quite practical, isn’t it ladies? But it must be placed in such a way that it does not reflect the bed. When you are in bed, you should not be looking at yourself.

How to nourish the energy in a feng shui room?

Are you still with me? We’ve talked about furnishings, but what about decorations? To solve your sleeping problems, should you choose the atmosphere you like best from your favourite decoration magazine? Even if my answer will not necessarily please you, as a feng shui expert I am obliged to answer in the negative… or else you are very lucky!

To feed the room with energy, the choice of colours, shapes and materials must be in phase with the area. Once again, as with the location of the bed, a compass will be necessary. The sector is determined from the centre of the house.

Imagine a pie chart with 8 portions, each representing a cardinal orientation. This is the famous bagua. By placing this pakua in the centre of the house, we determine if the room is in the North, the North-West, the West, etc. Each sector carries a different energy and represents an element (water, wood, fire, earth or metal) and therefore a colour and a shape. For example, in a bedroom located in the North-West sector, we would favour metal colours (grey, gold, silver…), metal materials and round shapes (including for the bedside table, but yes, it exists!).

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Yes, a feng shui expertise can solve your sleep problems!

Sleep disorders are not to be taken lightly. As the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance states, it is estimated that 1 in 5 French people suffer from insomnia.

If you have set up a bedtime ritual and the sleep problems persist, you now know that they could be due to the wrong orientation of the bed, or an unwise choice of colour scheme. It is true that it is not always easy, or even possible, to respect all the feng shui rules in a bedroom. The expert’s job will be to allow the best arrangements by taking into account all these constraints.

The first example on my Achievements page will give you a practical case study of a feng shui study that was carried out to solve insomnia problems.

You want to sleep like a baby? You have a PhD in sheep counting? Don’t hesitate to book a telephone interview, I can help you sleep better!

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