Before and after: laundry room/cellar

Today I’m going to show you how to bring beautiful energies into a back kitchen composed of a laundry room and a storeroom. We are at home, in the small room between my kitchen and my garage. Since I “live” Feng Shui, I wanted to take care of it but the size of the task discouraged me…

I forgot to take the photos “before” I started emptying the shelves… but imagine that they were full to the brim… I have an excuse: with my double activity (cooking blog and cooking demo) I was used to fill my cupboards with exotic stuff, moulds, utensils… It’s less true now, but I had to sort it out… and I’m not even talking about cookbooks (I’ve got rid of 90% of them!).

Open shelves are a beautiful char chi! Even when they are tidied up, they make a mess, so it’s better to use closed cupboards. Visually, it’s much less busy.

So, first objective: closed cupboards

Second objective: to be able to move the microwave from the kitchen to this room in order to free up work space in my kitchen.

Third objective: to store the ironing board (which was in the hall cupboard) here too

First step: sorting, putting what we keep in boxes, then dismantling the shelves and moving the machines to the garage.
Second step: fill in the holes, plaster and repaint all the walls.

étagères démontées

A 3D view helps so much to project yourself and to fine-tune the details, here is what the project looked like before it was implemented (I removed the wall between the kitchen and the laundry room, it was more practical to see clearly!) The perspective makes the furniture look beige but they are white like the machines and the boiler:

No need to break the piggy bank too much: here, I chose IKEA tall units, in 60 by 60, and I took 6 of them to make two rows of 3 in order to use all the ceiling height. They have 3 shelves each. You can choose two doors or one, with or without handle. Here it is a 60 door in a push-pull system.

We chose two solid oak worktops of good thickness that we had cut to size: one to be placed above the machines, the other for the cellar side. As there was still some left over, we had two shelves cut out.

For the lower part of the pantry, we could not use conventional base units because the depth is only 50 cm. So we chose dressing room furniture from Castorama with sliding baskets inside, perfect for my moulds and chopping boards.

Finally, to hide the water softener, we cut and painted a thin medium board which my man fixed with magnets (to make maintenance easier).

If you follow me regularly, you can probably guess which areas this room is in, given the choice of colours, can’t you 😉

buanderie avant buanderie après

That’s it! Do you like my scullery?

avant après buanderie
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